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This group is for anyone who is on a fixed income, budget, or just plain I am trying to find some real good recipes which will be easy on the budget and hopefully please those who you are cooking for. Pleas join and help me put together some recipes that we who are on a budget will enjoy.

Millie Johnson
Mar 17, 2013

leftover soup

Sometimes after supper I have just a little bit of veggies left. Not enough to serve with a meal, though. I like to freeze these little portions for soup later. When I have enough to do something with I will usually make a roast then a couple of days later I cut everything up (we always have leftovers from the roast) and add all the little portions of saved veggies to a pot then add some tomatoes and maybe pasta if needed to make it stretch more. If I have letovers from the soup I will make a pot pie with it.
That's a lot of bang for your buck !

Mary Villearreal
Mar 16, 2013

Fixed Income

Hi,glad I found this group,being on a fixed income is a hard sometimes.Hope you welcome tips.I get food food stamps and I coupon to make them go farther,I watch the food adds and compare prices at Walmart,Meijer and Kroger. We live in a small town and our grocery store closed up.We have to travel 30 minutes to do our shopping now,so when my daughter and I go shopping we have a list and her coupon binder in hand.

Millie Johnson
Feb 7, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Just found this group and wanted to say hi. I cook mostly by scratch mainly because it tastes better and is more cost effective. Like so many people now a days we are on a tight budget. I look forward to pinching some great economical recipes !

Marcia Lesman
Jun 8, 2012

need thrifty recipes

Please feel free to post your favorite low budget recipes for all of us people who live on a fixed income. I'm sure all of you remember times when you grew up or raised your family and you didn't have much funds to work with, but you came up with a good filling low cost family recipe. We would love you to share it with us.