I am addicted to watching cooking shows and searching for recipes online

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for those of us who can't get enough of Food TV, Just a pinch recipe club et. al.

Leah Stacey
Feb 21, 2014

The Taste!

Who else watched the Taste Finale last night? I really wanted Marina "the home cook" to win. She was amazing! I still like Louise but was really surprised she won.

Dennise H.
Jul 21, 2013

A Taste of Louisiana


This is a local PBS cooking show that is really good and I love how Chef Folse tells about the history of dishes. He also does cooking segments on the local CBS affiliate were some videos are available on the site.
They also have free ones on ITunes.

My middle son wants to attend Nicholls State University because of the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute. They have a regular 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree or a 2 year Associates Degree.

Brenda McClain
Apr 28, 2013

Cooking shows

Our PBS station used to have the best cooking shows back in the '70's! Madeline Dupree, Galloping Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, some older bayou gentleman & the list goes on but I can't remember the names! Wish they would put on reruns!

Theresa Kailany
Sep 30, 2011

Survey: How Many Cookbooks are in Your House? Which is the most unusual?

I have about 25-My most unusual one is "The American Everyday Cookbook" by Agnes Murphy,copyright 1955.

Theresa Kailany
Sep 30, 2011

I Am in Love with Jamie Oliver!

Been watching cooking shows since the Galloping Gourmet in the 70's--right now I am into Jamie At Home, Pioneer Woman(who led me to this site),Barefoot Contessa,Paula,Everyday Italian and I check out others frequently-Oh I almost forgot Cooks Illustrated's America's Test Kitchen and Martha's Everyday Food.

Monica H
Aug 19, 2011

Master Chef

So... the finalists were Adrien and Jennifer! I'm so glad Christian was gone. He WAS talented... he made things that he had never tried to make before, and was pretty much successful at them all, but his attitude made him into a LOSER!

Both Jennifer and Adrien really inspired me. Adrien had a total passion for food and his plates were so colorful and amazing and Jennifer was so meticulous and accurate... I thought it was a great season...

Muna Escobar
Aug 19, 2011

new group

I though it would be neat to start a group where we can gather and share recipes that call for whole grains. Adding more whole grains to our diet is so important. I use freshly ground flour and I know there has to be more out there that do too or have the desire to. If you strive to add more whole grains to your diet please join us and share some of your best whole grain recipes.

It is called Whole Grains