The Breakfast Lovers Club

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This club is for you if you think breakfast is the absolute best meal of the day! If you have ever awakened in the morning dreaming about that first steaming hot cup of coffee; if you know that your mother and grandmothers were actually cast iron artists who created breakfast masterpieces day after day; if you like milk gravy more than truffles; if you can smell biscuits, scones, muffins or waffles baking in your head; if you think smoky, cured bacon is a taste of heaven on earth – then this club is for you. Or if you are a lover of lox and bagels, homemade granola and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, this club is for you too. I’m passionate about this “taken for granted” meal, and if you don’t know country ham from scrapple – as long as you are willing to share enthusiastically your morning favorites (healthy or unhealthy), then this group is for you! Our busy schedules, jobs and commutes are quickly squeezing out breakfast and relegating it to weekends and vacations. How are you coping?
As a lifelong Southerner, I revere the art of biscuit making. I’ve always felt that if you think a store bought biscuit is as good as homemade . . . then you haven’t experienced a real, homemade, properly baked biscuit! What morning food do you feel that passionate about? I’m excited to learn about your cherished recipes and tastes that have pleased your family and friends.

Linda Smith
10 hours ago


Maddie's breakfast consisted of Scooby dog treats and a muffin which she did not eat about an hour later she came over looked at me and said can I get some breakfast around here ask her what she wanted she said scrambled eggs so I put the other away and made her eggs. I had 2 eggs over easy and some sausage which Maddie ate half of. I think sometimes she wants to please other grandma. What's on your table today have a great day.

Linda Smith
yesterday at 10:25 AM

Monday Monday

Well here it is last week with out Maddie she's missing her Mama, glad this is her last week in Arizona though wish I was there instead of here and the snow.
Maddie had french toast with jelly (vickie jelly) and a red pear. I had 2eggs over easy. What's on your table today have a great day.

Linda Smith
Friday at 9:57 AM

Finally Friday

Today for something different I was hungry for cinnamon and sugar toast always loved it as a child well naturally if I eat something Maddie wants to taste it too so needless to say she likes it and I had to make more toast. She also had scrambled eggs with ketchup. I don't care what it is that little girl will eat it if one of us do. What was on your table today have a great day.

Linda Smith
Thursday at 9:35 AM


Boy this week went fast here it is almost to the end we were hoping for warmer weather but we got cold rain instead oh well I don't know what happened to the 70s but they're not here. Of course it's only 9 in the morning so we have the whole day to finish we might finish in the 70s. The leaves are of all gone pretty much. Today Maddie had and I'm ashamed to say this Grammy brought her over with Scooby dogs treats they are not my idea of a healthy breakfast however she did have a banana with them then she ate half of my eggs and a little bit of my potato. I suppose Grammy's was having a hard morning with her that would explain it. What's on your table today have a great day.

Linda Smith
Wednesday at 8:33 AM

Maddie's favorite day

We watch the sanitation workers this morning in the dark there was no way this child was coming in and missing it. The nice sanitation worker got out of the truck and moved my garbage can back for me what a nice person. Maddie is having a muffin and a pear. I had old fashioned rice pudding saw the recipe somewhere yesterday and I just couldn't wait to have breakfast this morning it was very good I guess it's a new taste for Maddie she didn't try it. What was on your table this morning have a nice day. Funny things Maddie hears this so often cuz I'm doing it on speakerphone so she's been finishing my sentences for me

Linda Smith
Tuesday, Oct 20 at 11:37 AM


We are having an eating binge must be the cool weather so far Maddie started out with scrambled eggs an hour later she had a cutie, then she had a banana now she's looking for dinner.I had bacon and asparagus and 2eggs over easy. What is on your table today have a great day.

Linda Smith
Monday, Oct 19 at 8:58 AM

Monday Monday

Breakfast this morning is pumpkin bread and pears for Maddie I just had pumpkin bread. What's on your table today have a great day.

Amy Herald
Sunday, Oct 18 at 12:12 PM

Breakfast Today!

We had a lovely breakfast this morning. Some thick cut bacon and some Delicious Pumpkin Wheat Pancakes.