Books,Nooks,and Kindles

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I'm creating this group. For all

the people who have Nooks or

I love to read regular books. But

I didn't think I would like a

digital reader.

But when my son,brought me a Nook

for Mother's Day.

I can't seem to put it down.

How about you?

We hope these e-books, don't

replace the printed books. I'm

sure we all have a large

collection of our favorites.

I have another group: "What

Book Did You Read Last?" My

members are having the time of

their life. Sharing,their

different reads. Also making new

friends! Stop by we would love to

have you as a member.

Catherine Ferensic
May 15, 2014


I have a Kindle been reading a lot wondering if it's worth it to have prime on it instead of sampling etc.

Ellen Bales
Mar 9, 2013

New Group

Please check out my new group, "Hot Topics." It it a group dedicated to sharing ideas, opinions, and points of view, as well as recipes. In this group, no topics are forbidden, anything goes!

Becky Kleibrink
Jan 9, 2013

Love my Kindle

I got my 1st Kindle from my husband & have updated twice. I take it everywhere with me & love how easy it is to read or play games wherever I am. Sure makes waiting in doctor's offices or long lines more pleasant. I currently have the Kindle Fire and love to play MaJong, Star Wars Angry Birds & Scrabble. I also do a lot of reading. I found a great author Dana Stabenow that writes about a female Alaskan native PI names Kate Shugak. I highly recommend these to anyone who loves a good mystery. I got the 1st one free & purchased everything all the rest of the series

Ellen Bales
Dec 24, 2012


Wishing everyone in the group a very Merry Christmas!

Blondie Pussycat
Dec 8, 2012

My Kindle

I recently bought a Kindle Fire (before the HD one came out...ARRRRRGH! Anyway, I've had trouble setting up WiFi, so I haven't got to use it yet. When I do, I know I will love it!
I love real books, but they are heavy in my purse, and they get heavy in my hands, sometimes. That's the main reason I bought the Kindle. I can't wait to weigh in on this group"s conversations and recommendations for books to read. ;)

Ellen Bales
Sep 18, 2012

I Have a Nook

When they first came out I didn't like the idea of e-readers. I'm old-fashioned; I like the feel and smell of the printed page, the weight of a book in my hands. But now that I'm in my dotage (just turned 65!) every time I pick up a book I fall asleep! This makes it hard to return library books on time when it takes weeks, sometimes months, to finish one. (And to think I used to read three or four books a week!) So I toyed with the idea of trying an e-reader. I could buy the book at a cheaper rate than in the bookstores or even sample one and there would be no hurry about finishing it. The rest is history. I bought a Nook Color and I absolutely love it. I'm currently reading Jonathan Kellerman's latest, "Victims," and taking it at my own, slower, pace. What can I say? I'm in love!

Valerie land
Aug 4, 2012

My nook

I was never much of a reader until a few years ago, I finally found a series I loved and read it. this last mothers day I got a nook, and I think, for me, i would so much rather read on it, I think it is because I have a 4yr old who loves books too and she is always moving my book mark, with my nook i dont have to worry about that :) I am working on the last sookie stackhouse book right now, its pretty good, but what I am wondering what would be a good author to read next, I have already read Stephanie Meyer and EL James ...any ideas ?? Someone that is not super mushy, I like the "out there" reads ...Thanks for your help :)

Jean Alphin
Jun 30, 2012


I have "The Kindle" on my computer. Now when I want to read something,on Amazon. I can sample or buy.