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Here is where you can chat about your service dog and also gain knowledge about these special dogs.

Bonnie Beck
Mar 27, 2014

Almost a year....

It's almost a year since I had tp put mt sweet, Miss. Daisy, down. There isn't an hour or day that doesn't go my heart does not cry out for her. I think of all the roads we traveled, how many adventures we had and how much she taught me. I wish I could be like her in personality. Her kindness to all (friend or foe) her gentliness and compassion to all and every animal she met. I miss her and I still cry a year later. Not only was she smart, but she was so beauitful.

Last surgery I had, few days ago, she was there with me and she wasn't there when I got home. Nor was she on the bed protecting me. She's not here to an bark alter if i fall.

14 1/2 years together 7/24..

What a God given blessing she was.... Rest well my sweet little one,,,you more then earned to be in GOD'S golden meadow chasing balls and butterflies. I will see you in the morning in God's time.

Penny Price
May 14, 2012

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