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Recipes for the grill

JM Avallone
Jun 24, 2015


so I finally after all these years bought a grill and it is a nice one I dont know what it is called but it has these plates for a lack of a better word where the flames do not hit the meat. so I was looking to grill some ribs and every recipe I find says to use the upper rack and turn it down to low and cook for an hour with out opening the lid then you end up with perfect ribs. so my question is where the heck is everyone finding a grill with an upper rack? I have never seen on in all my yrs and no one I know has one or seen one. so maybe I can use the middle of mine as it has three burners and just cut off the middle one what say you all?

The Best Way To Keep Your Grilled Hamburgers From Buckling Up In The Middle

Is when you are pating out your hamburgers is to stick your thumb in the middle all the way through so it leaves a hole.
I use ground chuck to make mine,I buy alot of ground chuck when it's on sale pat the burgers out put the hole in the middle and wrap them up 1 at a time and freeze them.
Sometimes I will patty up about 5lbs of ground chuck and cook all of them on the grill, then take them off about half done and then freeze them so when I need a quick meal the burgers are done in no time.