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I know some of us love the challenge of making things ourselves from scratch, and I'm not talking just about cooking.
If you have a recipe or a method for making your own anything, please post it here and tell us why you make it yourself. And happy experimenting!

Catherine Ferensic
Jan 17, 2018

Beer Mustard

I was just in the store & they have people to serve samples they had Kielbasa with a small jar of Beer mustard I liked the mustard and i'm wondering if it would be cheaper to just make it in a canning jar,the one in the store is too small we may not get a meal or too out of it i'm also not into drinking to decide which beer I would like in the sauce if I do make it i'm also thinking about making other sauces but not sure what I would like to start

Melanie B
Feb 13, 2017


Here is a link to a super simple kraut recipe.

Susan Feliciano
Jun 23, 2016

Make your own Cat Food

This morning I had 8 hard boiled eggs left over from our reunion last month. We just hadn't been able to eat them, and I thought they were getting a bit old to continue storing in my refrigerator.
I took a container of chicken livers and steamed them about 15 minutes, chopped up the eggs and mixed them together, and gave the mixture to the strays who come to eat on my deck. Were they ever happy! They thought they'd died and gone to Cat Heaven. I'm hoping they won't leave a single scrap to attract raccoons tonight.

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Deb Crane
Jan 21, 2016

Uses for tea bags

Found this on the internet.

While a lot of us enjoy tea for the potential health benefits, did you know that used teabags can be good for your budget, too? Here are a few handy ways to reuse these bags to save, long after your cup is empty!

To soothe minor skin irritations like sunburns, bruises, mosquito bites and cold sores, take a cool damp teabag and press it on the affected area to relieve inflammation and promote healing. You can also use this trick to reduce dark circles and rejuvenate tired, puffy eyes.

Teabags can make great deodorizers, as well. To keep your footwear scent-free, tuck a dried teabag in each shoe overnight to absorb any odors. If you want to freshen up your fridge, there's no need to buy a box of baking soda to keep the smell away. Just place a few teabags into a bowl, and it will do the job.

While you're in the kitchen, you can use a few bags to help remove baked-on grease from your dishes. Just soak the dishes overnight with a few brewed teabags and they'll be much easier to clean the next morning.

Lastly, a few teabags can go a long way when it comes to keeping bugs and rodents out of your home. Mint flavors tend to work best. Simply place them into cupboards, pantries and other problem areas. For extra protection, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to each bag. Mice and bugs hate peppermint.

So don't throw those teabags away. Give these tips a try and you'll see that while the flavor may be in the tea, the savings are in the bag.

Susan Feliciano
Jan 4, 2016

More Homemade in 2016

I resolve: to use boxes and cans less, and homemade more. I will plan time to make my own "convenience" foods.
I hope our members of "Make Your Own" will share your recipes for homemade ANYTHING. Plus tips on how to save time and steps when going from packaged convenience foods to good old homemade.
And New Year's blessings to everyone!

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Susan Feliciano
Dec 17, 2015

Merry Christmas to All!

Wishing you the joy and blessings of our Savior, peace on earth, and love in your hearts this Christmas season.

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Susan Feliciano
Dec 4, 2015

Make Your Own Holiday Gifts

Homemade Holiday gifts show you care -- and they can also help you to stay within a budget for all those "necessary gifts" that surprise you.
There is a group called "Make Your Own." Let's all share a homemade holiday gift idea there today. It can be a recipe, a craft, or even just a description of something you do for homemade gifts. Let's see how many we can post between now and Monday.

Hot Chocolate Spoons
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