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Wanted a place were I can go and find lower sodium dishes, and a place I can discuss the frustration of taking salt out of a family's diet.....husband's family has a history of heart disease and salt is a big factor of being over weight!!! We need to help one another....well, I know I need help from others!!!

PLEASE if you post a recipe....PLEASE let me know the amount of SODIUM in each serving...if Possible!!! THANK YOU!!! :)

Sodium guidelines:
Low sodium = 140 mg or less per serving
No sodium = less than 5 mg per serving

Catherine Ferensic
Jul 13, 2017

i'm on low salt/no salt

i'm just out of hospital need to change looking for resources etc.

Melissa Burger
Aug 19, 2012

i know how u feel...

Believe it or not....I too am on a low sodium or no sodium diet.
I cook with something called "No salt" its no sodium salt.
Plus I cook with sea salt which is suppost to be better for you.

Jan Wilson
Aug 13, 2012


I have hbp trying to kick the salt for last 6mts.I have found those spices u all r talking about,an like them alot.But its hard when your the only one in the house that has`t to eat that way.Changeing them slowly lol weather they like it or not.I found those guidelines for salt,so if i find something good i`ll post.Thanks for the group Dana.

Robert Thomas
Aug 13, 2012

Sodium Free spice mixes


No salt, no sugar, no preservatives spice mixtures for dips, spreads, salad dressings and more.

Robert Thomas
Jul 14, 2012

Reduced Sodium Cheddar

I tried to get this brand "Heluva Good" to bring their reduced sodium cheddar (25 mgs/oz) into local stores here in northern VT but they won't. Fortunately they have a mail order store, where you can buy a four-pack for about $15:

"Call our toll-free number (1-800-445-0269) Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Please have your American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard number handy."

You can look at their cheeses at:

Robert Thomas
Jul 8, 2012

Low-Sodium Dutch Oven baked Rye Bread

Baked a low-sodium version of a rye bread recipe this morning.

Debra Burwell
Jul 8, 2012

Low-sodium diet

Im new to salt-free cooking I cook for my mother who has been put on a low sodium diet so any help I can get will be very much welcomed. Thank you