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For those of us who joined one or more of those weight watching groups. (not sure if I can legally us the name). I just re=joined and wanted to create this group so we can support each other. We all love cooking or else we would not be on this site ;)

Bad End To A Good Week....

Well I was having a great week. I burned all the calories they said I needed to. I only went over my daily food intake once. I stayed away from my food weakness RICE for 6 full days. Then last night I fell, twisted my left ankle & banged my left knee. It didnt hurt that bad until I got up this morning. Then I couldnt take it, so I went to the Urgent Care. They gave me good news & bad news. Good news is nothing is broken cause I can still walk. Bad news is I badly sprained my left ankle & twisted & Banged my left knee. They said I need to use ice & heat on it & let it rest for afew days to a week. They said it should heal in a week or I have to go back if it doesnt. I just starting week 2 & I cant exercise the way I did last week UGH. Looks & feels like I take 1 step forward & the world knocks me back 2 steps. Well nothing I can do but use ice & heat & let it heal. But on a side good news. They weighted me in & I lost ONE pound. Woohoo ONE pound down & 49 more to go...

Georgane Vann
May 20, 2012

not doing too good

not doing too good on the diet. Can't seem to get a handle on it. any suggestions?

Georgane Vann
Apr 18, 2012

pumpkin seeds.

I bought some bulk dry roasted, salted pumpkin seeds from our local grocery store. On the WW. site 4 tsp = 3 points.

I took some press and seal, laid out one sheet sticky side up, made some mounds of pumpkin seeds then topped with another sheet .. basically made pumpkin seed pouches. Cut them to separate them.
My mom has lots of small containers for my dad's snacks. she puts just a little in each one for him to eat. If she gives him the entire bag of snacks he'll eat it all.

I intend to make more small snack items, so I won't over do the snack. Almonds, prunes, dried apples.. They sell them at Amazon. Barefruit Dried apples come in several kind of dried apples. I don't remember what kind I get. I do buy them by the case on subscription from Amazon. There is the equivalent of five apples in each bag.

Georgane Vann
Apr 18, 2012


Let's get started. Lets have some recipe suggestions!