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This is a group for all Baby Boomer!!! We can all share the good times or bad times we had growing up. And chat about how times has really changed. We also can share recipes.Please Respect each other!! This is the way we were all raised. I hope everyone has a great time chatting!!!

Sharon Curtis
Aug 11, 2012

Finally some Rain!!

Hooray! It has finally rained here in Ontario Canada. The farmers sure need it, & I hope we get some more tonight.
Now I can actually do some BAKING!!
How has YOUR weather been?

Theodora Szuba
Jul 22, 2012


Did anyone relive Woodstock this month????? That summer was the best of times the worse of times........

Jean Alphin
May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day,to all the Mothers out their!

Jean Alphin
May 2, 2012

May Day

Hello Boomers!!
Yesterday was the first of May. When I was going to school,I remember on May 1st. This day was called May Day. I believe......I was in third or fourth grade,and we use to dance around the tall pole. I don't remember if it had rope or heavy ribbon on it.
I told this to a couple of my co-workers. They both laugh at me. Of course neither knew what I was talking about.(20-40 group)

Jean Alphin
Apr 18, 2012

Dick Clark

Dick Clark died this morning from a "Massive Heart Attack". He was 82 years old.
This is a very sad day. I remember watching "American Bandstand" after school. Watching all the teenagers my age dancing. The special guests were great. From Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry.
How many of you remember Dick Clark and his "Bandstand"?

Carla Hurst-Chandler
Apr 11, 2012

More boomer stuff...

Ironing your hair.

Rolling it with OJ cans.

Dribbling bleach on new jeans.

Patching them.

Running the car over jeans in the gravel drive to distress them

What else?

sherry monfils
Apr 10, 2012


Remember the clothes we use to wear way back when?
Some of the clothes have come back into fashion, like flared jeans and flowery tops, along w/ those wedges for the feet.
I remember my bell-bottoms, but my mom wouldn't let me wear those high-heeled wedges, I was too young she said to look like one of "those" kids, lol.

Jean Alphin
Apr 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a nice Easter!