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Cooking for two, with an awareness for health concerns. We need to watch carbs (hubby is diabetic and I need to reduce cholestrol).

Dee Stillwell
Jan 23, 2011

roasted bean snack

I saw Rachel Ray making roasted garbanzo beans last year and tried them..OMG these r great and fairly low in carb, fat and high in fiber. I made some blackeyed peas with the recipe posted below for New Years and they were awesome. The change I made was to sprinkle with a lil' olive oil sprinkled on seasoning and just a bit of brown sugar(could use Splenda I guess or omit it) and roasted them
@ 350 deg instead of frying them. Stir aft 20 min and watch carefully so they don't burn. Roast time was 40 min. Depending on bean size how long they have to roast. I can see endless possibilities and flavors. Soy beans are very low carb and would be great.
Blackeyed Squeaks

sheila farrah
Oct 22, 2010

Thanksgiving for one or two

This is not a real recipe, but a suggestion I read in a California Magazine. Insted of a Whole turkey, buy turkey cutlets, dip in seasoned flour, gently saute in non stick frying pan with a little vegtable oil, when done serve with stove top turkey dressing, or your own home made, baked sweet potatoes or mashed and a green vegtable of your choice, and of course pecan pie and a nice glass of white wine! See you own personal Thanksgiving Dinner! All alone or invite a neighbor! Oh and don't forget the home made cranberry sauce!

Dana Pierce
Jul 28, 2010


Obviously I need recipes for two!Part of my problem is that he eats more than a 'one serving' size most of the time.Also,I love all veggies...he mostly likes carrots,potatoes,corn,peas and green beans.For someone whose used to putting onion in just about everything it's quite an adjustment!We both love sweets,but we wind up with too much at times.I need ideas please!
Thanks so much!

Heidi Hoerman
Jul 27, 2010

Summer Squash with Leeks and Ham

I just shared a very quick-in-the-microwave meal for two with you.

Heidi Hoerman
Jul 24, 2010

A way to use up potatoes - potato pasta

We are often in a race to use up potatoes before they sprout. One trick is to make pasta with them. I posted a recipe and shared it here. We're having some tonight but with a 4-potato batch, I made enough pasta to have several meals worth in the freezer to grab on a busy weeknight.

Tess Geer
Jun 21, 2010

Desserts for two?

Please sHare desserts for two! It's so hard to find recipes that work and are yummy!

Jo Zimny
May 18, 2010

The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook

If you can find a copy of the above mentioned book I think you will be very happy with it. It's got some really great recipes. It is written by Patricia Stevenson and Michael Cook with added information by Patricia Bertron, R. D.

Jo Zimny
Apr 29, 2010

Slimming down more then the budget!

It is difficult after feeding a "gang" to just tone it down and start cutting things in half. I have been in the empty nest for many years and I still want to make more. It's good my hubby takes the left overs to work the next day. Also now that I've gotten older I have to watch my diet, so I eat more salads and greens. But its hard to eat the same things all the time. I think versatility is the key here. We've also given up certain foods as well since our digestion isn't quite as good as it once was. So one has to be very careful. I find myself looking for leaner cuts of meat and staying away from the starches as best I can though I love pasta, that's my weakness. We buy organic and local as much as we can too, so that helps with "slimming down" the budget as well as the body :)