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I am currently recovering from surgery on my right hand and wrist; am in a cast. I am doing everything left-handed, including typing this (very slowly). Yesterday my husband and I went grocery shopping. I ended up buying alot of Lean Cuisine's as ir's simple and easy. The first week after surgery I wasn't hungry for much. But now, I'm ready for comfort food. Yes, my husband cooks, but he doesn't throw things together like I do; he follows the recipes to a T and stands there waiting for the water to boil and then he'll watch everything cook. If I asked him to cook for me, it would be a long drawn out process. It's better that I get frozen food and call it a draw.

All this got me to thinking "what kinds of comfort foods do other people want when they're recovering from the flu, a cold, bad day at work, a car accident, surgery, etc; whatever it may be.

My #1 comfort food is turkey and mashed potatoes with butter. A simple turkey sandwich is good. I also like spaghetti and macaroni and cheese, stew (done in the crockpot) plus various soups. And, of course, my superstar of foods accompanies me everywhere in life: CHOCOLATE. Prior to my surgery, we were shopping at Costco & they were demoing brownie bites. I went back 3 times. After the 3rd time & while I was still munching on the brownies I said to my husband "these would help me get better a whole lot faster." He bought me a box and once every few days I have a couple. And it certainly is helping me recover faster!

So tell me - what's your favorite comfort foods? I'm thinking of adding a Comfort Foods section to my recipe website. I would love it if you could give me the recipe(s). If you don't want me to add the recipe to my website, just tell me & I'll honor that.

Diana Adcock
Aug 16, 2014

Seasonal Comfort Food

Hi all! I'm somewhat new to this site, very new to the forums. I have been lucky enough to live in every region of the United States, British Columbia and Canada, so I have quite a collection of recipes I'm posting here or transferring from another site.

Comfort food is seasonal for me. Could be Fall or Flu season, it's all relative, LOL!

Merlot Beef Stew or Irish Pub Beef Stew with crusty, chewy bread on a cold, rainy fall day hits the spot for me. So does a thick, hot, cheesy pastrami sandwich on rye with pickles on the side.

Winter is roasts. Roast beef, roast chicken or turkey with plenty of roasted veggies on the side. Gravy is a must as is some sort of bread to sop up the goodness. I also like big pots of soup or stews. Love a good Loaded baked potato soup or chicken and dumplings Southern style (good flu food too).

Speaking of the flu or a down right nasty knock you on your butt cold, nothing beats Hot Lemonaid and Honey. More is better.

Since the dog days of summer seem to have passed us up this year, meal planning has been leaning to fall food. I would make one excellent bear if I allowed myself!

A R Caswell
Aug 13, 2014

Rapunzel - A Question

I remember the fairy tale about Rapunzel. While her mother was pregnant with Rapunzel, she craved something growing in the Witch's yardyard. So badly that she asks her husband to climb the fence, sneak into the Witch's garden, and steal the greens. And then the Witch catches him, making him pledge to turn over the baby later on.

What comfort food have you ever craved that badly?