No Salt Zone

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No Salt Zone is a place where those that have High Blood Pressure and/or Congestive Heart Failure. My boyfriend has CHF and is restricted from any salt recipes or food. As a HB patient I myself am limited.. I think this will be a great working experience for me to get my HBP under control as well as helping him.. All recipes or advise will be greatly appreciated.. have worked with some herbs but not sure on the combinations....Come join and we can help each other out...

Ka Garrett
Oct 13, 2012

Sodium free

I have a potential risk for high blood pressure so my dr. wants me to stay at 1000 mg or less of sodium. That isn't too hard except my food has no flavor. I didn't use much salt but given that there is salt in everything, it is understandable to watch the salt consumption. I am looking for some ideas for adding flavor.

Kat Garrison
Aug 30, 2012

No Sodium 4 Me

Hi. I'm new to this group, and to the life routine of a low-sodium, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. Since July 2012 when my hubby had a Stroke, it's been an eye-opener to the amounts of sodium, etc. on food labels. I now find myself looking at other shoppers carts and think ... they could be a Stroke victim.

Learning to eat and cook healthy is our life-style now. Finding food that hubby will eat is quite challenging as he has always been a meat & potato type of eater. I have begun mixing ground turkey & extra lean ground sirloin together for hamburgers. I actually like them, but he is adjusting to the flavor.

Would welcome any recipes you might like to share!

gaynel mohler
Jun 26, 2012

no sodium baking powder

found some no sodium products online and wanted to share.

if you go there, click on no sodium products, they have bbq sauce and an assortment of items

gaynel mohler
Jun 3, 2012

shredded wheat

I am on sodium restriction. I have discovered, if you like cereal for breakfast, that shredded wheat has very little to none. Hope this helps you for a quick breakfast

Lynn Socko
May 30, 2012

watching sodium

is a daily thing here, for me anyway. Some days I do great, somedays not so great. Glad to be part of another group, need all the support I can get!!!

gaynel mohler
Apr 9, 2012


I was diagnosed with chf just last week, and kidney failure. Ihave to keep trackof sodium, and keep things low fat and low cal. it's going ok so far, no swollen tootsies. my gf said "how do you keep control?" I said, "My life depends on it"

Heidi Hoerman
Mar 30, 2012

Keeping salt to a minimum

We try to keep our salt consumption to a minimum. Sticking to mostly homemade stuff means we have a lot more control. We're at the point now where when we do eat out or eat something packaged we find it unpleasantly salty.

I like your "no salt zone" sign pic!