Home-Made Chocolates

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Hello! I'm a new member here,and having such a good time going through the different recipes and groups. What I didn't see,was a group for chocolate. I have been making home-made chocolates for a long time.I thought it would be nice,to start this group,I'm sure there are plenty out there that makes chocolates or different types of candies.
Maybe we can help the new people that might want to start making chocolate,or different candies. We all can help each other.


Wanda Glass
Dec 9, 2012

Tempering Chocolate

Not seeing much activity on this group...and only 2 weeks until Christmas?! ruh-roh!

I'm wanting to try my hand at filled chocolates and would like any tips at tempering the chocolate?

Susan Hunter
Aug 12, 2012


Just started on JAP and looking through the groups. Can't resist one on Chocolate! That is a main food group!!!
I'm hoping to make a little extra Christmas money this year by offering different fudges for my small community. And I'm interested in any and all fudge, candies and chocolate recipes. And I have several good ones already!

Looking forward to get to know you all.


Jean Alphin
May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, to all the Mothers out their!

Jean Alphin
May 2, 2012

Mothers Day

This is a great day coming up,for most of us.

My mother is no longer here.Our family loss her in 2008.
Mom was a real bad diabetic. She loved her candy.
I made diabetic candy and a cake for her,and she said "don't make that dam junk for me".(LOL) My mom didn't like the replacement sweets,she liked the real thing. "God Bless Her"

If you have a story to share,I love to hear it!!

Jean Alphin
Apr 16, 2012

89 degrees today!!!!

What do you do in the summer? When you can't make candies?
I'm a writer,I'm on my second book. My passion is to get a novel published.
Besides writing,I love to read a good novel.It would be nice to lay on a blanklet on the beach,and read.

Jean Alphin
Apr 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a nice Easter!

Jean Alphin
Apr 4, 2012


I'm trying to make a cake pop,but I must be doing something wrong. It won't stay on the stick. Funny?? What am I doing wrong?