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Just wondering...what is the ONE item in your kitchen you could not do without? OK, if you can't decide on ONE, give us a couple! It could be an ingredient, a utensil, a gadget, or any kitchen implement or appliance. For me, there are a few, but probably good knives are essential. Also, I love love love my Kitchen many things it can do! Mine was a Christmas gift a few years ago, but even if I had to buy one myself, I would have!

nellie rickey
Jan 9, 2012

help with my icky rice

I made a fried rice dish last of sherri's it was a fab recipe...but I have a new rice cooker and the rice was a gooey mess..I even had slime goo venting..I have never had this problem..what happened..rice was there rice out there that wont do this lol..I used the 1 cup rice to 2 cups water ..on the stove my rice is flaky..what happened

Sep 22, 2010

What I couldn't do without in the kitchen

I can't name just one!
Garlic & onions,I could saute garlic and onions and then decide what I'm cooking because I begin almost all my cooking with them!
Sharp knives makes cooking so much easier!
Tongs,I love to cook with my tongs,great for stirring,moving items in pans,skillets,etc
Cast iron skillet,could't cook without my Mom's cast iron skillets,they are probably 40 years old.I love to cook fried chicken,cornbread,any fried item in those skillets

JoSele Swopes
Aug 17, 2010

Bread Baking Tradition

Homemade Bread I have decided to have a bread baking day, so I am going to start going to my moms so we can bake bread every 2 weeks. We used to do this when I was growing up. The ladies would get together and bake bread. So, I thought we could start up the tradition again.

JoSele Swopes
Aug 17, 2010

Ingredients and a Stove

I would have to have flour and stove. These are two that go together. I use the stove all the time and am always making something with flour, whether baking or gravies.

Cassandra Alderman
Aug 11, 2010

Food For Food's Sake

So, I decided to start a blog about my cooking adventures (which will include the recipes and pictures for said adventures!). I was going to take some of the recipes from here (giving credit where credit is due of course), among other places. So, please feel free to check it out. :)

Jo Zimny
Jun 12, 2010

The Appliance That is Invaluable to me is....

My Vitamix Blender. That kitchen gadget is amazing. It can grind up anything you put in it. My hubby makes green shakes in it, I grind flour in there, I make hot soups in there. I can't sing it's praises enough!

Nicole Bredeweg
Apr 2, 2010

The ONE item in the kitchen you cannot do without?

My husband! Someone has to clean up, right? And fry stuff so I don't get oil splatter burns. Or mix stuff when I put it in the bowl that's just the right size without overflowing. Or. . .

Erin Lyle
Feb 12, 2010

What I Need

Garlic and my dishwasher!