New Mexican Food

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A collection of delicious New Mexican favorites!

Jeaniene Eubanks
May 18, 2014


What is New Mexican Food as opposed to Original Mexican food from the various regions of Mexico. Also does anyone have any authentic Mexican recipes for Tamales that have a buttery taste in the Masa? Thanks

Lisa Cook
Apr 29, 2013

Mexican Food

I live in Louisville,Ky and love El Nopal Mexican restaurant it is fantastic!!!

Renee Lillquist
Apr 29, 2013


Mexican food is the best!

Sue Zawisza
Sep 27, 2012


I absolutely LOVE Mexican food. I can rarely get enough of it. I have a wonderful, simple recipe for fresh flour tortillas that is a hit! I'll have to post it for everyone. Look forward to meeting others with a taste like mine =)

Ashley Burnam
Sep 27, 2012

Has anyone been to Sierra Bonita Grill?

It's in Phoenix, Az so I would guess for most of you it's a "no" ;)
Anyway, they have a dish there that I am pretty much obsessed with- Green chile pork over smashed refried beans and a huge warm torilla. Can you say yum?

Here's the recreation I made and no joke... I think I nailed it! The Best Green Chile Pork... Ever

Tami Spillman
Sep 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

Just droppin in to say Hi... I lived in New Mexico sereral years ago. I loved the food and miss it very much. Looking to recreated some of those yummy things (-:

belinda poole
Sep 18, 2012


Hi, I love all Mexican food.I would love some dessert recipes.Thanks.