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A place where you can come and ask questions about cooking, everything is easy when you know how, but if you don't have a clue everything is so hard.
The picture is of my Dear Grandmother who was a great cook

Wash and dry fruits, Wash bagged lettuce

Always wash and dry your fruits before you store them. The US has banned alot of pesticids, for our health, but if food comes from anywhere esle it's hard to say what has been used on the food. Pleases don't try out the grapes at the store you would be scared stiff if you knew how dirty some peoples hands are.
always wash any thing that comes from the dirt no matter how many times it says it's been washed.

Don't throw your Butter Wrappers away

Save the butter wrapers and put them in a freezer bag then when you need to grease and flour a pan take 1 out and put the butter side down and grease the pan, then you don't have a mess on your hands, then put a little flour in the pan and shake it around. hit the sides of the pan and throw the excess flour away, this is called dusting the pan

Crockpot cooking

Once you have everything in the crockpot don't take the lid off, if you do before the time it should be done you may lose 1/2 an hour cooking anothers words it will take another 30 minutes longer to cook

How to clean a burnt bottom of a glass coffee pot

To clean the bottom of any burnt coffee karaffe
put kosher salt and cut up lemons into 4 pieces add a little water and swish it around then leave it sit overnight. Then if it didn't all come off take the lemons and the salt and scrub the bottom, if you hand won't fit, to get to the bottom take a wooden spoon and mash the lemon into the salt and scrub it back and forth.

peggy mathis
Mar 10, 2012

I am Not Alone

I was cruising Town Square and this group yelled my name. Since I always refer to myself as under-seasoned, I won't feel silly asking a goofy question. Thank you Roxanne for teaching this old dog new tricks. ;)

What is the craziest thing you got wrong in a recipe, just because you didn't know

I remember when I made my 1st cake frosting I was very young, the recipe called for confectioners sugar and all I knew about sugar was there was a brown & a white sugar. So if you can imagine I used white sugar instead of powered sugar.