Gluten-Free Living

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My family went gluten-free when my oldest son was diagnosed with allergies. I've started posting some gluten-free recipes, but there is so much more to living gluten-free than just recipes. So I hope this group will allow others to share their experiences, tips, and tricks around cooking and eating gluten-free.

Jo Zimny
Apr 29, 2010

There are some good Gluten Free sites out there

If you try and I think you will find some pretty decent recipes. I use their sites too. I don't have any gluten intolerance but I do eat gluten free because I know it's good for you.

jennifer schneider
Jan 17, 2010

would love gluten free recipes and advice!

My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac's (she is an adult) and we are both seeking good tried and true recipes! Any advice?

tweeti Spell
Jan 6, 2010


my sister is on a gluten-free diet would like to get some recipes for her to try. thanks