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My family went gluten-free when my oldest son was diagnosed with allergies. I've started posting some gluten-free recipes, but there is so much more to living gluten-free than just recipes. So I hope this group will allow others to share their experiences, tips, and tricks around cooking and eating gluten-free.

Pam Ellingson
Oct 28, 2012

Just stopped by

Wanted to pass along a website I stumbled upon while doing some research. It looks like something that you all might be able to use. :)

CJ Zamora
Oct 20, 2012

Holiday pie recipes

My husbands aunt has milk and egg allergies and possibly celiacs, Im looking for a good Thanksgiving/Christmas pie recipe (other than pumpkin pie)that I can make for her.

Terri Brown
Oct 8, 2012

GF Pie crust

Has anyone had success with making a GF pie crust?? I have tried many times and been sorely disappointed. My husband likes pies better than any cakes or muffins but the only time I can make one for him is when I buy a GF pie crust for around $5 and I have to drive a long way to get it so it really isn't worth it to me. I would love to hear of ANY successes...

cheryl koenig
Aug 20, 2012

chick pea flour

on the cooking show "Spice Goddess"
she made a coating for frying veggies. using chick pea flour, yogurt and spices. she said they use it in India. she coated Eggplant, and fried it...she said that this coating with the chick pea flour Fry's up crisp.
has any one tried it?

Susan Feliciano
Aug 10, 2012

Guar Gum?

Does anyone know where you can get Guar Gum? I found the Xanthan Gum in the grocery, but not Guar Gum. I've heard that using a combination of both Guar and Xanthan gums makes GF yeast bread better.

Penny Hall
Jul 19, 2012

gluten free sites to peruse ›

Margie Barbieri
Apr 19, 2012

Gluten Free muffins.

I just posted my second recipe for gluten free muffins.
Take a look, still wondering where your all at.

Been gluten free for 2 years now,and getting use to it FINALLY.