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My family went gluten-free when my oldest son was diagnosed with allergies. I've started posting some gluten-free recipes, but there is so much more to living gluten-free than just recipes. So I hope this group will allow others to share their experiences, tips, and tricks around cooking and eating gluten-free.

Cathy White
Mar 17, 2014

Paleo Strawberry Muffins & Paleo Apple Muffins

Just made a batch of these muffins yesterday. They are grain-free, made with cashew meal and coconut flour. Even though I named them Paleo, they are gluten-free.

Paleo Strawberry Muffins

Paleo Apple Muffins


Gail Eischeid
Mar 3, 2014

Gluten Free Kolache

Hi I am looking for a Gluten Free Kolache recipe. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jeanne Collins
Feb 9, 2014

What GF flour do you think makes the best gravy and sauces?

I'm really hungry for some comfort foods. Biscuits and gravy, Mac n' cheese, broccoli with hollandaise sauce. What GF flour do you think makes the best gravy and sauces? I tried Bob's Red Mill and it was gritty and awful! Didn't hold together well at all. Rather then go broke trying all the different flours, I'm hoping some of you more experienced GF cooks can save me the experimentation time. Thanks in advance for your wisdom!

Deborah Smith
Nov 19, 2013

Glad You're Here!

So glad to see a GF group here! We recently found out that my husband is gluten intolerant the day he went in for some tests on his heart ... along with the changes needed to be made in order to strengthen his heart, his diet is getting a major overhaul! He misses his 'old favorites', but I know there are tasty substitutes out there, and it will be a blessing to find even more recipes here that he'll be able to enjoy!

I am also looking for a pumpkin bread recipe now, as well. This is the time of year that I make 'loads of loaves' to share and enjoy ourselves, but now we need to do something different for him, and I want to find a recipe that is as moist as the one I normally make, if at all possible.

And one more thing while I have you here :) .... the GF bread we have found for his lunch is from Udi's, and, unfortunately, he thinks it's a bit dry for his sandwiches, so if anyone has a suggestion for a not-so-dry loaf of GF bread, I would really appreciate it ... and so would my hubby! Thanks much, and again, very glad to see this group here!

Catie B
Sep 16, 2013

An old fashioned depression cake, with no wheat if you do not want it!

I added a recipe today. Depression Cake. It has no eggs, milk, dairy or soy. it can be made with coffee, water, or juice. It has fruit in it, with alternatives. And as an adaptable cake, will satisfy most requirements for those wanting to avoid the eight most common allergies. If you do not want to use nuts, use sunflower seeds, or others, etc.
Also, it is GF adaptable too. Vegan and Vegetarian.
Just a moist, old-fashioned spice cake. I hope you enjoy!

Deb Forbes
May 2, 2013

GF Flour Find

I thought I would let you know about a product I found that I love, Better Batter Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. I LOVE it. I use it to make gravy, biscuits and cookies. It is the best all purpose gf flour I have found. Also good in making homade egg noodles. Wanted too share this product because it is great in cooking and baking

Freda Frost
Nov 15, 2012

Cross contamination and cooking for GF visitors

I am new on here and am Celiac. As I was reading some of the posts I didn't see any mention of cross-contamination or tips when cooking for GF visitors. It is a real issue for us true Celiacs. esp. with the holidays coming. I would like to share a few tips.

1. If baking for GF guest use foil to cover your bake ware as wheat flour stays in the pans.
Also use glass bowls and make sure they are very clean. New utensils for mixing are preferred but if not an option, make sure they are thoroughly clean. Soak them (not wood as too porous) in hot water with vinegar. Then re-wash them again.
2. Save yourself time , expense, and aggravation and just by a GF baking mix. Pamela's and Chebe are good choices. With Pamela's you can substitute it for the flour in your regular recipes. It already has baking powder, salt, and xanthan gum in it.
3. I usually add more spice and fruit to Gf baking for better flavor.
4. Use butter, not shortening. Makes a big difference in taste and texture.
6. You can substitute corn starch for the flour in gravy. Use 1 Tbsp. corn starch for every 2 Tbsp. of flour. The gravy will be lighter in color.
7, GF items keep best in the freezer if they are not going to be consumed within a few days.
8. You can purchase GF pie crust in the freezer section of some grocery stores, or the mix from Gluten Free Pantry is pretty good. I tend to just make my pies crustless in custard cups since we don't care that much about pie crust. A dollop of whipped cream makes them look fancy. This way I can control portion size and freeze individually.
9. Be sure your spices and flavorings are GF. McCormick usually is GF.
Hope these tips are helpful!

Amy Borne
Oct 30, 2012

New to Gluten - Free

Hello found out that my two year old grandaughter is allergiec to gluten. She is comming for a visit Christmas. I am looking for some good recipes for some gluten free dishes she would like. Also last year I started a tradition that we make christmas cookies together. Last year she was only one but we had so much fun together I really don't want to stop that now that she can not have gluten. So I am hopping for a really easy good cookie recipe she would like. Her mom bought the store bought GF cookie dough and they did not like it at all. Any help I would really be thankful for.