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My family went gluten-free when my oldest son was diagnosed with allergies. I've started posting some gluten-free recipes, but there is so much more to living gluten-free than just recipes. So I hope this group will allow others to share their experiences, tips, and tricks around cooking and eating gluten-free.

Maureen Haddock
Apr 4, 2015

New recipe for you to try

I want some of you to try this amazing four ingredient, fast and easy treat. It tastes as good as pecan pie or butter tarts. My husband almost fainted after the first bite. He says they should be illegal. I have a gluten free daughter and a friend with celiac's so they will be served these treats soon. Let me know what you think!
Practically Illegal Pecan Bites#

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Dale Stanley
Dec 5, 2014

Why are you gluten free?

Thought I'd try out the new poll feature to find out why members of this group are gluten free.

BonniE !
Nov 22, 2014


For those of you that have caffeine issues, I just tried a beverage called Dandy Blend. I got it on Amazon, and it is a coffee substitute. I sweetened it with Stevia and cream and it is so good! It didn't have any aftertaste, and that is a plus for me. Dandylion is so good for us, too.

Dale Stanley
Nov 22, 2014

Gluten Free Donuts

My wife made grain free dairy free refined sugar free donuts yesterday - Yum! I'll try to get recipe posted.

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Dale Stanley
Nov 3, 2014

This Gluten Free Bread Recipe Looks Great!

Thanks @Utahn for sharing this recipe... always on the lookout for a good GF bread.


Karin Ellzey
Aug 14, 2014

gluten free dairy free cheesecake?

I just posted a recipe for new York cheesecake. Hope you enjoy it. Gluten-Free Dairy-Free New York Cheesecake!!