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I've got 50lbs to lose how about you? I'm going to start this new year with a "Detox Diet", followed by a "Healthy Eating" Diet to assist in reaching my goal or to help you achieve yours!

I'm starting this group with the hopes of sharing and receiving Detox / Low-Calorie recipe ideas so we can all achieve a healthy new lifestyle.

Thanks in advance for your support and I hope this helps others that are interested in sharing with this group. Here's to a new US!

New - & Mothers' Day Drawing !

Just joined the group.. New to JOP & looking forward to trying so many new, great recipes!

I want to let you know we'll be giving a $20.00 gift 'credit' to someone for Mothers' Day! That may not sound like much, but our prices are 'low', so that's a nice necklace set or a couple pairs of new earrings.

Just drop by our Facebook page & click the 'giveaway' button. This is a 'rafflecopter' drawing and there are 4 different ways you can enter. I wish all Moms out there a very Happy Mothers' Day !

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sharon rayford
Feb 7, 2013


i just went to this site and it is not a free site.someone posted something here about it being free to join,this is not true.I was quite disappointed when i got to the site and found there is a fee.

Shelley Simpson
Mar 4, 2012

A New Site to Check Out

Hi everyone....I stumbled upon this while in Facebook. It was in one of their adds to the right of the page. I went to check it out and thought it would be one that you would like to check out, also. I had printed off a few recipes for myself and thought it worth sharing the site with you. =D


Mary Ann Crossen
Jun 10, 2011

diet site


dashforhealth.com was just voted the best diet program in the country by a panel of experts that studied 20 diet plans including WW and South Beach for over a 6 mo. period. It's a great site b/c it gives you menu plans and recipes but also has a food tracker, exercise tracker, etc. It's said to not only help you lose weight but keep it off.

Dee Stillwell
Jan 23, 2011

roasted bean snacks

I saw Rachel Ray making roasted garbanzo beans last year and tried them..OMG these r great and fairly low in carb, fat and high in fiber. I made some blackeyed peas with the recipe posted below for New Years and they were awesome. The change I made was to sprinkle with a lil' olive oil sprinkled on seasoning and just a bit of brown sugar(could use Splenda I guess or omit it) and roasted them
@ 350 deg instead of frying them. Stir aft 20 min and watch carefully so they don't burn. Roast time was 40 min. Depending on bean size how long they have to roast. I can see endless possibilities and flavors. Soy beans are very low carb and would be great.
Blackeyed Squeaks

Sadey Jones
Jan 22, 2011

So Glad I Found This Group!!

I would have started one if I had not found this one!! There are so many ways to save calories and fats from recipes, without depriving your family of the tastes they love. I do all sorts of things that my son (who IS my family) never realizes and never misses. One example is using stuffing mix...Stove Top or home made...when you should add butter (which I adore!) skip it, add fat free chicken broth or nothing and keep going. When the stuffing is mixed...take your own portion, set it aside and then add butter, cream, etc. Proceed with the stuffing, add extra herbs, spices, whatever to spruce up your portion. No one will know you are not eating what everyone else is eating. I just love having secrets!!! he he he...
I will post more little tidbits as I think of them...any ladies who would like to be in touch with me I will be very glad to hear from you!!! Sadey

Bonnie ^O^
Nov 26, 2010


Hi, Everyone, and good morning!
The butter recipe is finished. Thanks to all the people who helped me tweak it! Very successful. I made my last test batch last night, and it worked beautifully. The texture is perfect, and it is 1/2 the calories of regular butter, half the cost, too! So go check it out!