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This group is for anyone that loves house plants and for people that want to learn more about how to take care of them and i am one of those people!HELP!!!

Cindy Rice
Jun 18, 2017


My pepino melons have sprouted

Joey Wolf
Jun 16, 2017


My neighbor Bob bought a huge poinsettia for the Christmas Holiday's. His celebrations were all over by Christmas Day, he brought this plant to me (it was actually 3 in a pot) for my Christmas dinner. I managed to keep it alive all winter. i divided it and transplanted it to the end of the garden. all 3 are doing well. it will be interesting to see if i can keep it alive and get it to bloom in early Dec. and take it back to him!

Cindy Rice
Jun 16, 2017

Just joined..

I see no one has been here in awhile either..:)

Shannon Scarborough
Apr 11, 2014

Hello I am new to the group

Hello I love house plants. I live in Las Vegas so it is very hot outside and many of my pretty flowers would not survive outside. I have around 40 potted plants inside. All but a few flower at some time of the year. Flowers make me happy.

Jean Fisher
Apr 2, 2014

I am new to this group

I Love Houseplants. My front bay window is full. I restart them every so often & end up with more. I brought some starts inside from my geraniums last fall. They are blooming & doing great. Just waiting to warm up outside so I can plant them.

Have a Great Day!!

Crystal Guyer
Mar 2, 2014


Does anyone know a sure-fire way to get rid of weevils and KEEP them away??? I've tried throwing out everything I found with them in it and buying new stuff, but I'm still finding them occasionally and it's getting expensive!!!

Lori Spaidal
Mar 2, 2014


have what looks like fruit flies all over my house and don't know how to get rid of them. There is no fruit sitting on the counter or anything else that would cause these. Any hints to get rid of them? They are annoying!