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For anyone and everyone...Come and enjoy the taste of India...

Ethnic flavors from an Indian kitchen to yours...unite under the kinship of Indian Food...

P S: Strictly for People to bond over food...It's going to be food, fun, food, more fun, more food and lots of fun all the way....

Hi...After a Lonnnnng time!!! :) Hoping to be back with MORE recipes :) Call me Pree/Preethi/Vasu :)

It's been so long since I posted anything on this website. I have missed you all very much!!

Went back to school in Jan 2014 to get my second bachelor's in biological sciences. The ultimate goal is to get into cancer research.

Now that I'm almost more than half-way done, I have more time on my hands to engage in the much enjoyable art of experimental cooking and post all the results here :)

Well..How are you all doing???

Brad Nichols
Nov 23, 2014

Tomato Chicken Sri Lankan Curry

Here's a yummy standard that we enjoy quite regularly. easy enough that even those new to south Asian cuisine can make it. Gotta love Larich's!

Tasty Tomato Chicken Curry

Therese Abdali
Nov 20, 2014

Pakistani & Indian cooking

I can make chicken curry & potato buja, a few others too. I am not sure they strictly follow the recipes. My husband & his family seem to like them. I would love to learn/& do more. With the recipes from here I hope to learn more. Thank you for any help you give me. Therese Abdali

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 2, 2014


Growing up in New Mexico I did not have a lot of exposure to this kind of cooking. However, I do love almost all of the Indian Food I have had the opportunity to experience and I hope to learn more. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE curry. Maybe growing up with red chile and green chile, I just have a tongue that likes it a little spicy. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me and I hope to learn lots.

What is your favorite valentines day food?

Wishing u all a wonderful valentines day!!

Always with much love from my Indian Kitchen

Annie Fernback
Jul 8, 2012

Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) Recipes


Does anyone have a good kulfi recipe?

SUMMER feast!

dear all,

welcome new members and good-old friends :)

Here's another question for you all...

What would you make if you were invited to an Indian Summer Pot-luck dinner/get-together party? :)

Let's see how interesting this thread can get...

Love from my Indian Kitchen

welcome all! Here's a fun question to all...

Dear All members (new and old)

I extend a warm welcome to all the members of the Indian Cooking group!

Hope you have a delicious stay here

Also, here's a question??

Can you answer in just one sentence or 100 words what motivated you to join this club?

It would be fun to read all the answers :)

Happy happy cooking!

Love from my Indian Kitchen