Strictly Glat Kosher

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Group active since Mon, Feb 27, 2012

I dedicate this group for those that keep strict Jewish dietary kosher laws and anyone else interested in learning about them. Recipes must follow the laws and contain substitutes for dairy in recipes where normally dairy is used with meat, since they can't be mixed. There is a difference between "kosher style" and "Jewish kosher." There is another group to which I belong but recipes there do not always follow the Jewish (Halachik) laws of kashrith. Personally, I am interested in learning new recipes that have substitutes for dairy products in meat recipes. I will be posting Jewish recipes but look forward to yours. I look forward to discussion on this topic as well! (2/27/12)

Victoria Stephans
Sep 30, 2013

Helaine, would you please check my recipes?

If anyone tells you that being retired is wonderful, don't believe them---they are lying! Being retired is so much more than wonderful, I need a new word to describe it! One of the projects I have adopted is finding good kosher recipes. I would like to share them here, and hope you all have some good recipes to share as well. Helaine, I don't know the laws as well as you do, so would you please check my recipes? They should be OK as I got them from Jewish recipe sites, but just to be sure...