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I am currently on a low carb diet on which I have lost 24 pounds so far. I decided to search on this site to see if I found any low carb recipes and it pulled up nothing. So I was wondering if there was anyone else out there like me.....

I will start and post a few of my own. Anyone else interested please please please do so. To make it easy for searching I will label them starting with "Low Carb". Hope to find some new recipes soon!

Mikekey *
Dec 27, 2016

New to low carb

I have decided I need to watch the carbs/sugars. Diagnosed as Type II diabetic. Hope there is some interest in reviving this group, or can anyone recommend another group here on JAP that is active?

I compiled a cookbook of low carb/diabetic friendly recipes here on JAP.


Renée G.
Jul 20, 2015

Sometimes groups lag behind when the group host/hostess doesn't come back to keep it alive

Until just right now...I never even knew this group was here. Will visit from time to time, however, now that I do.

Joy Postell
Jul 20, 2015

Is this an active group? Seems the postings' dates are old.

I am hoping this group is still active because I would love to share low-carb recipes and words of encouragement with others in their weight-loss endeavors. Zucchini Lasagna Zucchini Hash Browns

Lark Silverwolf
Jan 20, 2015

Type 2 Diabetes and Carbs

First of all thank you so much for creating this group. I was so pleased to find it because I am sure it will provide a great source for my path to continue to being a healthier me. I was diagnosed in 1999 right before a surgery on my knee with having Type 2 diabetes. Imagine my shock and denial when the anesthesiologist walked into my hospital room right before surgery and told me I had Type 2 diabetes. My first reaction was instant denial. I had never had any symptoms of this disease and had never been tested for it before. He explained to me how the fasting blood sugar test which was normal routine before surgery along with other routine blood work had come back as a high blood sugar level. What a way to find out I was a Type 2 diabetic.

Years passed and I was controlling it with just oral medication for years. I occasionally had to get fasting blood sugar tests ordered by my family doctor. I'm not going to lie here and say I took the disease seriously. I just took the medication and thought that was enough. Years passed where I didn't take care of myself. I thought as long as I drank diet drinks and took the medication it would be fine. Each year my blood sugar levels rose more and more until just this past November 2014 I felt so very sick. I took my blood sugar reading and it was a dangerous 458 (and this was a fasting level) normal levels can range from 70 to 140 depending on what time of the day it is so you can see just how dangerously high this number was.

I called my doctor's office and explained the situation and was told to come in right away. When I got there my doctor wanted to admit to the hospital right then and there but I begged him to let me try to get my blood sugar level down. He agreed but if there was no change by my next blood sugar test he wanted me to go immediately to the hospital. Fortunately I did get it down to 140 by late afternoon but I finally realized if I didn't do something starting right then I was going to die soon. When I went back to the doctor the next day we talked at length about my options to get my blood sugar levels down and if I would be willing to go on insulin along with the oral meds I already were on. I agreed to start right away.

I went home and read everything I could on how to give myself insulin and what lifestyle changes I had to make to get healthy and be able to live and be here for my family and friends. One article really changed the way I looked at Type 2 diabetes and it said:" Type 2 Diabetes is an intolerance to carbohydrates." The more I read the more it made sense. I started reducing my carbohydrate intake and eating more vegetables, drinking more water, walking more and ditching the diet drinks because in some studies they are finding out that diet drinks might even make you crave carbs!

Since starting my journey to a healthier me 2 months ago I have lost 20 pounds and my average blood sugar is 124. It was a scary wake up call and I remind myself every day that I can't go back to the lifestyle I was living because it would result in me not being able to live at all. I'm looking forward to seeing all the low carb recipes everyone shares and hopefully soon be sharing some of my own.

jeromne newton
Jan 17, 2015

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad atkins recipes

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad CarbsPerServing:7g total

3 ounces lean ground beef crumbled,cooked and

4 slices bacon – cooked crisp,drained and crumbled
1 cup chopped lettuce
1/8 cup chopped onion1/2 medium tomato – chopped
1 tablespoon mayonnaise ¼ cup cheddar cheese – (or 1 once)

How to Prepare:
Stir mayo into lettuce,onion and tomato until evenly coated. Toss in beef,bacon
and cheese.


Nor M.
Oct 19, 2013

low carb

I look forward to finding great recipes on here. I have to diet some times. All of the great recipes on here will put on the pounds. Thanks for creating this group.

victoria berry
Sep 15, 2013


HI, I am about to start a low carb diet; all the recipes on the group recipes are low carb? I am trying to basically do the atkins but most of the recipes in the atkins diet book are stuff I don't really eat or the ingredients are not common staples in the kitchen. Any advice??? thanks