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Group active since Tue, Feb 21, 2012

Within every human being is a poem or two waiting to be born. Perhaps we can share our lives a little more fully through those poetic urges we all have occasionally.
I wanted a place for members to be able to publish their poems and discuss the meaning of not only the words, but the essence of their thoughts.

"Poetry isn’t a profession, it’s a way of life. It’s an empty basket; you put your life into it and make something out of that."
Mary Oliver

Or just to enjoy the ability to play with words that poetry gives us.

"Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits."
Carl Sandburg

Hoping you will join and share your poetry and thoughts.

Pam Ellingson
Apr 17, 2012



By Pamela Joy Achenbach-Ellingson

Warm summer night,
Gazing up
Swirling fighter jets against ebony velvet,
Wings etched with white blazes.
Issuing challenges,
Swooping down
Nighthawks ask no quarter,
and give none.
There is no glory for cicadas in the lamplight.

sherry monfils
Feb 23, 2012

A grandchilds view

" I love you," she says
As I walk out the door
" Bye," she bemoans
To see me leave
I take her
One more time
To cleave
Her to my heart
To feel her happiness
To gently hold onto her
Feeling of hope

That she'll see me again.

The next day, I walk in
She says, " Grandma, I love you."
And starts to jump for the pleasure
Of seeing me
Oh! To be a child again
To jump with abandon
Just for the merriment
Of it all!

Pam Ellingson
Feb 22, 2012

Good Morning!

Welcome to the group Sherry and Angela! Glad you are here as our first members. I suspect that this group will not be a Firehouse of activity like Chatterbox and TNT, but I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share.

sherry monfils
Feb 21, 2012


Her gray eyes
Always to seek
The approval
Of her loved ones
She, of the meek

In her jumps
On the bed
Her twirls
On the floor
She feels free
By opening that door

To adventure
In her play
She does
The impossible
Seeking more

She is the child
I see
Within myself
She is in my heart
Which with glory
Does melt

My love for her
And true
The grandchild
So special
So new.

sherry monfils
Feb 21, 2012

No mans land

No mans land
Walking in the footsteps of the other man
Front-line weapons
Exploding fire
Hoping to live
Yet, knowing to die
For the country he loves
But, with so much misunderstanding
Can leave him with
No tears to cry
Walking in
No mans land
Toting the weapon
Of the other man
Who is all ready
dead and gone
No mans land
Where there are no rules
But to walk
The sand Of endless time.

Pam Ellingson
Feb 21, 2012

Welcome to the Poetry Corner of Just A Pinch!!

I hope this will be a place where interested people can come and post those occasional bursts of creativity that pop out of us all. Most people think of poetry as being some high minded, esoteric passion and pastime. I want those kind of poems and the funny ones too. Poems that rhyme and Haiku and nonsense and deep thoughts.

Here is my first post. It has been sitting in my computer "poetry" file for several years and now has the chance to be set free.

Shadows of leaves spread dalmation spots across the grass
While soft white puppies,
Snowflakes in summer,
Romp through the glittering shade
Making a mockery of the calm beneath the trees umbrella.
Hour upon hour,
The fast, frantic frolic persists
Until completely spent, they collapse into a snowy drift
And dream of shadows of leaves spreading dalmation spots across the grass……….

I hope it will inspire you to post your poetry too.