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Any heart healthy recipe. No trans fats, low animal fat, good fat OK,

Dee O
Feb 17, 2012

November 13th 10011

My husband finally went to the Heart Hospital after 2 triage nurses told him he had to come in within the hour.The next morning after an angioplasty he had one artery opened that had been plugged at 94%. The next morning he had another artery opened that had been plugged at 90%. He still has one at 65% that they won't do unless it gets to at least 75%. That won't happen!
He has dropped 30 lbs and is walking on a tread mill and eating VERY low animal fat, no red meat and when we went to San Fran last weekend he walked up and down those streets without a problem.
We used to own a restaurant that served anything BUT Healthy food.
Well life has changed and it is not as hard as we thought it would be.
We eat great food and feel so good and dropping weight which we felt was next to impossible.
I will try to post as many recipes as I can to let you know it is possible to loose when you are eating well and getting healthy. We are NOT dieting because this is a lifetime change.
We are just eating and living life.
My husband says we eat to live now and not live to eat.We are Truly Blessed a few more days and things could have been so different. If these recipes help in anyway.....