Small Towns - Big taste!

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We may be from small towns....but we bring generations of good food to the table!

Sandy Munn
Oct 3, 2011


Where are you all from? I live in a small town in WA state. It is beautiful here - but also lived in a small town on the Oregon coast - and we are talking seriously of returning there. Would love to know where you all are from!

Amie K
Jun 14, 2011

need baking recipes easy to make

Howdy y'all, I am starting up a homemade bake shop in the small town I live in. And already have a handful of recipes, but am looking to branch out to some out of the norm baked goods. to give ya an example, i already have the recipe for cake balls. and if anyone could give me any pointers on how to get started selling my baked goods on the net, I would be very grateful! I am applying for disability as there is not much work i can do. But I love to bake, and figured it is a good way to make some pocket money. Look forward to hearing your ideas! Amie

Carl Smith
Jan 12, 2010

Reason to joun! We share same love for good food.And we both enjoy a good sunset.

Im new here,but when it come's to cooking my Momma had to beat me out of the Kitchen. I like to find old recipes and bring them back.So,today's taste buds can enjoy the flavor.MMM-good.Chime in with great recipes for Bread recipes please!

Nancy DeKalb
Jan 11, 2010

Recipes for the freezer

Please share any recipes you have that freeze well. A pregnant friend wants to plan/cook ahead and have some yummy dishes in the freezer she pull out once the baby arrives. Thanks.

tweeti Spell
Jan 6, 2010


does anyone have a good recipe for old fashion yeast doughnuts? My grandma use to make them. Would love to get the recipe if anyone can help I would be gratefull. thanks

Anna Bolton
Dec 24, 2009

First Recipe Post

I just posted a family favorite - great for this time of year!

Give Jim's Silly Soup a try - you'll like it.

Dana Behm
Dec 20, 2009

Chocolate Pudding...anyone have a great recipe!

My memaw use to make chocolate pudding for us when we were little and I'm just missing her around the holidays.....want to create some new chocolate pudding memories with my children and a good chocolate pudding recipe would get me started!