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My dad has recently had to start dialysis and I need a place to store the recipes that I am finding to make for him. He will need to be on a special diet and I am the one whom will have to do all his cooking. This is a place to add those recipes for those who have kidney problems, are on dialysis or are caring for someone who is. I am going to try to always list the nutritional information for each recipe since every kidney patients diet may vary. This is a whole new world for me and I am planning on looking at it as a new adventure in cooking! Kidney friendly foods for all!! xoxo

Please ONLY add recipes to this group that are dialysis and kidney friendly. We wouldnt want anyone making an inappropriate food for themselves or loved one

Penny Hall
Mar 17, 2015

check out my group

check out my group CKD Recipes here on JAP. I am stage 4 CKD, and share lots of websites for CKD recipes.

Win Spicer
Feb 25, 2014

My Husband

On Feb. 8th, my husband passed away ... he had a massive heart attack. The doctor said he did not feel a thing and it was very quick. He had a multitude of major health problems and really declined since Christmas.

William Algeri
Jan 17, 2014

kidney friendly recipes

To everyone in this group. If you want good and safe recipes, please go to and download their free kidney friendly recipes. A recipe will tell you if it is for CKD non-dialysis, dialysis, and diabetes. It also has all of the nutritional values. There are 100's of recipes in every catagory.

Win Spicer
May 19, 2013


Do you use almond or rice milk in place of regular milk? I get the impression regular milk is hard on the I right?

Win Spicer
May 13, 2013

New to the group

We just learned my husband's kidneys are functioning only at a 24% level. We are hoping we can prevent this level from dropping further. Soon he and I will be attending classes. Have any of you taken the nutrition classes and how did they benefit you? Do you use the DaVita website for recipes? I picked up the Patient Newsletter at the doctor's office. I see this is a rather new group. Hopefully we can support each other and share healthy recipes, etc.