Skype Recipe Pals

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Group active since Tue, Jan 31, 2012

SKYPE: southernstateofmind


A New Group For Anyone Who Uses Skype Chat and Video Site.

It is so much fun to meet and greet on skype and to chat and make new friends.

Not to mention all the recipes we can share.

If you have Skype please Add me at Southernstateofmind.

Skype is easy to download and very easy to use. All you need is a webcam and to be ready to Chat and have fun.

I hope you all enjoy the group and let's Skype and get to know each other better.


Gail New
Feb 5, 2012

What are you serving at your Super Bowl Party?

What are you planing to serve at your Superbowl Party tonight? I don't plan to watch the game but would love to know what you guys are serving,, Happy Game Day.

Gail New
Feb 4, 2012

My Skype

Just wanted to come by and let you guys know that my Skype is set up and I am online. Also have new headset working also.

Skype will be online all evening.


Gail New
Feb 3, 2012

So Excited

I just checked my Amazon account and my new headset is scheduled to be delivered today. Hope to Skype all weekend.,, Yippee!

Gail New
Feb 2, 2012

Good Morning All

I hope this finds everyone doing well, Today I will be meeting my sister for breakfast and then going shopping.

I hope everyone has a great day and I will see you this evening.

Welcome to the new members.


Gail New
Feb 1, 2012

Feel free to add me to your Skype

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to come by and welcome the new members and invite you to join me on my Skype. My Id is southernstateofmind and I would love to chat with you.

I have a new headset that I ordered from Amazon which should be here Friday or Saturday.

Looking forward to chatting with you guys.


Milliee Rupp
Feb 1, 2012


Hi everyone!!

This sounds like a fun idea . I am relatively new to skyping but I am game :) I do alot of facebooking as well look me up and add me on both

facebook- Milliee Fox Rupp

skype- mzmimifox

Milliee :0)

Gail New
Jan 31, 2012

New Headset

Today I ordered a new Logitech headset for using on Skype and also You Tube. It should be here by Friday.. Can't wait for it to get here.

If anyone wants to join me on Skype,, Send me a private message and I will send you my Number and ID name.


Opal Jackson-Cakmak
Jan 31, 2012


Gail, just joined your group. Do you do FB too? Hey, take a look at my groups, would love to have you; sharing recipes, sweet tooth and healthy life style. opal0929