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A couple of New England chicks, sharing our recipes and kitchen tricks and tips.

Beth M.
Feb 17, 2014

Watched a recorded program this morning and now I'm wishing I had a good homemade soup for lunch!

Last night I went to bed at 8:00 as I felt so lousy, I've had a problem with congestion, headache and just needed to go to sleep. This morning I got up thinking I felt better, and I prepared something easy for breakfast and sat and watched Downton Abbey which was on t.v. last night. I like to start the day slowly and enjoy coffee first thing, but I skipped the coffee thinking it might make me cough more, and I had a cup of organic pineapple juice which is so soothing to the throat. Now I'm wishing I had energy to make a soup for lunch. I especially love things like chowder, beef barley or chicken, but I don't have the ingredients for that. I might make 30-Minute Black Bean Soup, I love it.

Kimberly Richards
Feb 7, 2014

Recipe for Love contest...

Hello all you New Englanders out there, I just entered my cake into the "Recipe for Love" Contest...Please vote for me..

Chocolate & Cherry Amaretto Cake

Beth M.
Jan 22, 2014

Snow, wind and temperatures below freezing so I'm reading!

What am I reading? Cookbooks in the morning and sharing recipes from two old cookbooks from Nantucket, which I had inherited from my mother-in-law (who was from Nantucket)!
The old recipes are contributions from islanders, some of them were her relatives, and I enjoy reading the old recipes. I've shared two this morning, one is SCALLOPS A LA KING, and one is: CONVENT PIE! SCALLOPS A LA KING

From a Nantucket cook-CONVENT PIE

Carol Junkins
Oct 31, 2013

Red Sox

Wasn't that exciting to watch !??? Loved it #1 ahhhh !

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Nor D.
Oct 31, 2013

World Series champs

The Red Sox rule!!!! Yipee

Norma Jean Tanguma
Apr 24, 2013

lived in Fall River Massachusetts

Hello everyone,

I am so glad to have come across the New England group of ladies. My family and I moved up to Fall River for almost 4 yrs. We had this beautiful Portuguese woman befriend us. We lived in President husband traveled a lot and we were left home alot and we didn't know our way around. Ester took us under her wing and treated us like family. She made all different recipes and would always bring some for us. We got so hooked on the Portuguese food it was our favorite. I hope we can find some of the dishes that she made while we were there. I miss her and appreciate all that she did for us while we were there. I am living back here in San Antonio Tx. I'm originally from here. But living in New England those 4 years made feel homesick when I moved back to San Antonio. I felt more at home in Fall River Massachusetts than I did my whole life in my home town of SA, , TX

isabel costa
Feb 11, 2013


Anyone in this group lives in or around Wiscasset, Maine. :-)

Marcia Layden
Nov 8, 2012

People who look for problems

I have just looked at the discussion generated by Grandma Lee's Party Rolls. I am just amazed by the vapid comments going back and forth. The writter of the recipe waxed a little poetic about the amount the the dough would increase. She said it would "treble" in size. I can't tell you how many cooks wrote back to ask what she meant. I wrote back saying if you own a computer there is a built-in dictionary.For those who still were flummoxed I provided the definition of the word. I have learned my lesson. If I want to try a recipe I will duplicate it exactly as printed and if it rots, I won't make it again. I will not ask a single question. Yikes.