West Tennessee

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For club members located in and around West Tennessee.

Patricia Gifford
Jun 5, 2012

New stuff

Is there still anybody out there? Don't see anything new posted. Have a great day everybody.

Donna Brown
Apr 8, 2010


We love Taco Soup and Baked Potato Soup. We also love good old Vegetable Beef Soup, except we like it with ground chuck instead of a beef roast. Add a good old pimento cheese sandwich or a piece of cornbread and that makes this West TN bunch happy.

Echo Day
Dec 10, 2009

Favorite cold weather warm-ups

How do you warm up on a cold wintry day like today? What's your favorite soup recipe?

My family loves the ground turkey soup recipe I've posted, as well as the classic homemade chicken noodle soup and even stuffed pepper soup, which we are having tonight.

We also like hot cocoa, of course! I've found a great recipe for grown-up hot chocolate that includes chipotle, just don't let it sit for too long because it gets a little spicy! lol.