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A place where us artists can display our oil paintings, pastel chalks or anything else you want to share.

Susan Mazlum
Jan 31, 2015


I just joined the group and Just a Pinch. I'm a wire jewelry artist and working on becoming a 'cooking' artist as well. I did notice there's been no discussions on this group for a while and hope that's not due to the folks who've complained.

While Just a Pinch is a cooking site, I also believe it is useful to get to know one another and also share our other loves and interests aside from cooking/baking. I don't have a current picture to show in my profile, but will add it when I do.

Nice meeting you all!

Tess Wander
Feb 11, 2013

Hello =) I guess I'm considered an artist

I can't exactly pin it down to one specific medium though. I have painted ceramics & I like to cut things from wood & paint them as well. What I find myself enjoying most is revamping tired, worn out pieces & breathing new life into them! For example, I received an old, worn out, outdoor Nativity set, (just the Holy Family)badly in need of repair. One of those plastic types that have lights inside. I removed the lights, repainted,then waterproofed them. They are my main focal point in my front yard at Christmas time. I've made a manger, cow, sheep & donkey (from wood) as well. I love doing it! I'm always amazed at how they turn out. As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will. =)

Marcia Lesman
May 15, 2012


Someone mentioned that ppl were complaining that this was a recipe group and that we shouldn't share our interests. Well, that is why I joined Just a pinch, because of all the different interests. If it was just for recipes I could type in a food on google and get all the recipes I wanted, but its nice to be able to share out other interests too. I even like this site better than Pinterest.

Marcia Lesman
May 10, 2012

Glass artist

My passion is glass. I started out by using broken pieces of china to mosaic with and eventually went to using stained glass sheets. I make mosaic coffee or occasional tables and after I finish two which I am doing as gifts for my nieces, I am going to start making them to show at craft fairs. I also am going to start learning how to do stained glass panels to hang in windows. I know that I can learn to do it, I am one of those ppl who believe they can do anything if they put their mind to it. i just have to buy a few tools to get started at it. My son is an artist who sells his work. He actually quit his job to do it full time. He no more than gets one painted that he gets a commission for another one. I love this recipe club. It is much nicer than any recipe site that I have looked for. I am hoping to share my old family recipes and find some new ones too.

Kristi Luce
Mar 2, 2012

My Art Projects

Trying to finish my second project and 8 more sketches by next monday. Wish me luck!

Shelia Senghas
Feb 9, 2012

Great group

Kimi, I am so happy that you started this group. I'll bet there are a lot of artist here at JAP. Don't let anyone discourage you and just ignore the ignorant people that say rude things. I will be posting some of my art in the future. I look forward to seeing more of yours.

Jackie Conley
Jan 19, 2012


Just joined the group. I was browsing and saw the crafters group and joined that then saw this one and was excited to see some paintings right off the bat. I dabble. No one is gonna knock down my door to get something I paint but I still like to do it. Cooking is art as well so this is great to be able to combine both interests! I love this site. So glad I found it. So many interesting people on here :)

Nancy Sauter
Jan 16, 2012

Posting Photo's

Hi: Did I post my photo's right, all in one recipe, or should I post each photo as a separate recipe?