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Sharon Colyer
Apr 13, 2016


Just remember, for any fresh fruit or vegetable, to rinse them well. Unless they are organic, they will have pesticides on them. I cringe, when I see a person eat grapes in the store, for that very reason. Bananas also... have pesticides. It might not get to the inside fruit, but your hands will have pesticides on them. So, everything you touch will be contaminated. At the store, I turn a plastic bag inside out, before I touch them, & let that bag be a glove. So, the fruit is trapped inside it & with a turn of the plastic, the outside of it, is back on the outside. This technique can work on anything you want to pick up at the grocery, that is small enough for the bag. Although, I have used 2 bags to cover a large package of pork chops; 1 on each end. You can always carry hand wipes too, in case you get meat juices on you anyway. Some stores have them available in that department.

Pat DiMercurio
Jan 12, 2013

1 more thing

just one more question. How do I go about perusing hints that have already been posted, Or is that something I can't do?
Guess maybe that's 2 questions. :(

Pat DiMercurio
Jan 12, 2013

dutch oven

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this group. I just brought myself a cast iron Dutch oven. Nothing fancy, just a 5 qt. unglazed pot & lid. The box said it was preseasoned, but I've been wanting to try baking bread in it so I thought I'd better do that again. So... rubbed it down with some canola oil (lid too) and stuck it in a 350 degree oven for an hour. Took it out & let it cool to room temp. Bread dough is rising overnight, so I have to wait till tomorrow to see how it turns out. I'm using an online recipe where the dough is a long slow rise, the pot is preheated in a 450 degree oven. Dough is dumped onto a heavily floured surface and kinda just dumped into the pot. Lid goes on and the dough is bake for 1/2 hour, lid removed and baked another 15 minutes. I normally would not leave my bread in the oven for that long at that high heat. Any thoughts or suggestions that I can use before I ruin a loaf of bread? And...if any of you have made bread like this, does the crust stay really CRUSTY? That's what I'm looking for.

Jo Ann McFarlane
Mar 18, 2012

I learned something useful today!

My 17 year old daughter told me that if you put a wooden spoon across a pot it will never boil over. She doesn't take science so I was skeptical. She was making KD (mac and cheese) so she decided to show me. Unfortunately this is pretty much the extent of her cooking ability. She is off to university in the fall and asked me to send her boxes of KD in her care package! lol Anyways guess what? It works!

Ruth Tudor
Mar 16, 2012

Ice cubes

Does anyone know what causes ice cubes from an automatic ice maker to smell and taste like onions, even though there are no onions in the freezer? I have to throw away lots of ice cubes because they can't be used. Then I have to clean the ice container with bleach to remove the onion smell. I do keep onions in the refrigerator, but I have found that if I use some baking soda in the vegetable drawer and wrap the onions in a zip-lock bag that there is no odor in the refrigerator. I also keep some baking soda in the freezer. Thanks for any help. Ruth

mary bloomis
Dec 10, 2011

peeling the perfect egg

I had heard or read somewhere besides adding salt to your water for boiling eggs there something u can add to the eggs to make them peel easier. Anyone know what this is? with the holidays here and the my diasater deveiled eggs for thanksgiving they didnt peel very good or look good and the deviled are on the menu for Christmas

sherry fry
Oct 31, 2011

Home made automatic dishwasher soap

This is driving me NUTS! I read about a receipe for home made dishwashing soap for your dishwasher. If my life depended on it, I couldn't find it! Can someone PLEASE help me with this?

Anton Visser
Sep 16, 2011

Jet-Dry alternative

We stopped using Jet-Dry because we wanted to reduce the number of chemicals we use and to be more "green". So what to use instead?

White vinegar is a great alternative. Simply pour a few glugs into the bottom of your dishwasher before each wash and your glasses/silverware will sparkle.