Coca Cola Recipes

Hosted by Penny Hall
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I received my Coca Cola cookbook in the mail today. I am going to share some of the recipes from the book. I do not drink any kind of colas or soda drinks, but I will cook with them because they make delectible dishes.

Bob Cooney
Sep 7, 2014

So ??? Can a " Part Time Coke drinker join??

I have really cut back on all soda products.... ( Sugar Issues )...

Shelley Simpson
Feb 27, 2012

Too good to pass up!

Thought I'd share what we had for dinner tonight. This is a recipe from here. I had this going in my crock pot while at work. My kids were text messaging me at work telling me how much they loved this!!! We served this over warm fluffy biscuits! And steamed green beans on the side for our vegetable. This is fantastic! A definite keeper!!! I used diet coke. Will definitely make this again and again!!!

Slow Cooker Cola Chicken

Brandy Male
Jan 14, 2012

Toilet Bowl

pour 1 can coke in the bowl swish and let sit to take out stains and to whiten.

Candy Hummer
Jan 9, 2012

Grease be gone!!

I use coca cola in my husbands wash (I also add my kitchen linens) 1 can gets all the grease off the clothes in the wash on Hot setting and their just as clean as they could be!
Hub's also uses it to clean batter cables, posts and the floor in his shop from grease, oil and mechanical spills!
i also use it in a coffee mix surring the spring summer and fall to fertilize my garden!
But, I dont drink it!!

Colleen Sowa
Jan 7, 2012

Great New Group!

Hi Penny! Thanks for starting this great new group! I like the idea of it... I have a lot of Coca Cola recipes... I better dig more out! Good luck with this group! xo