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Jen B
Oct 14, 2013


I was wondering if someone could tell me if it's better when I freeze my peitie breads, if I should wrap them tight in plastic wrap or baggies? For us they don't last long when I freeze them, so I put them in the snack size baggies. They fit perfectly. But I was wondering about when I start holiday baking and they're in the freezer longer. Thanks for any input. :)

Cheryl Gross
Apr 9, 2012

Wacky Cake

My mother used to make a cake called Wacky Cake, it used flour, cocoa, oil, vinegar, I'm not sure what else. When the cake was done baking she would put hershey bars on top to melt instead of icing. I cannot find that recipe anywhere. If anyone knows it, could you please share. Thank you guys, Cheri