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Special menus for holiday meals

Donna Graffagnino
Dec 23, 2013

Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo!

To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!

Muna Escobar
Aug 19, 2011

New Group

I though it would be neat to start a group where we can gather and share recipes that call for whole grains. Adding more whole grains to our diet is so important. I use freshly ground flour and I know there has to be more out there that do too or have the desire to. Please join us and share some of your best whole grain recipes.

It is called Whole Grains

Marina Neff
Jul 16, 2011

Please check out my group "Share Our Strength Cookbook Project"

I Started a new group called: Share Our Strength CookBook Project.

Share Our Strength is a Non Profit organization that is dedicated to feeding hungry children all over the world. They work with many big name chefs to provide food for underprivileged children and It is endorsed by FoodNetwork who also sponsors Community Bakesales all over the country as fundraisers. (Sandra Lee from (Semi- Homemade) is one of their National spokespersons)

I Thought perhaps if we could generate enough interest, People might like to contribute some of their favorite rice dishes to make a cookbook and 100% of any sales would be donated to Share Our

The recipe's can be anything at all... dessert,breakfast, soups, main dishes, side dishes, risottos, cassaroles, drinks.... vegan, vegetarian, ethnic, with or without any kind of protein.... They can use Rice noodles, Rice flour, Rice wines and vinegars, As long as it's Tried and True, the submission is welcome and you will get credit for any an all recipes you may submit. ( you can even include a little blurb about your recipe if you like )

I Really hope you will join in with me to help get this project off the ground. It means a lot to me. Thankyou


Hey everyone...just discovered this group. Come join and share your favorite brunch recipes!

Stephanie Dodd
Jan 31, 2011

Just Cakes

Good Morning JAP friends, I would like to invite you to post some of your favorite cake recipes on the newly created group "Just Cakes"

Donna Brown
Jan 18, 2011

Any ideas?

If any of you great cooks have any ideas for the following I would love to hear them: My daughter's church is having a Birthday Party for the church. Certain ladies are making a cake for each month of the year and each person will celebrate with the others that have a birthday in that month. They will each have a separate table with a cake and the table decorated for that particular month. She has the month of December, so if any of you have an idea as to what kind of cake and how it should be decorated and how the table should be decorated, please give me your thoughts on it. Thanks so much!

Val Paris
Jan 2, 2011

Italian Easter Bread

I love this bread, but noone will share their recipe. It is normally made at Easter, sometimes with colored eggs braided into the circle. It is iced and usually sprinkled with colored sprinkles. It is also made into small knots. It contains anise extract, but no other nuts or fruits. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?