Quit Smoking!!!

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For the new year, I am going to finally going to quit smoking for good! 2012 is going to be MY year to be healthy so that I am around for a long time for my kids. If you are in the same boat, please come and join and help us support each other!!

Tammy Brownlow
Nov 19, 2013

I entered a contest....


If you like the recipe run over and vote...

Thank you and "hugs"

Tina Barber
Nov 15, 2013

Gonna quit on the 21st

I smoked from the age of 21 to 28, quit when I was expecting my son (1983), then started up again about 5 yrs ago. I NEED TO QUIT!! The Great American Smokeout is on the 21st of Nov so that's my date to stop this stinking habit...AGAIN!! I live with a smoker so it may not be as easy as I think, but I'm determined. I have 2 little grandbabies that I want to be around for!!

Millie Johnson
Sep 21, 2013

Dangers of the e-cigarettes

Not good at all...! and you thought smoking was bad for you...read about this study.realfarmacy.com/...yWzgBcw0AGy9Lh.01

Susie Hamblin
Sep 7, 2013

Quit Smoking

Hi Everyone. I'm brand new to Just a Pinch. Think it's great and love your recipes!! I just wanted to share with you about that nasty habit of smoking. I smoked for 53 years and developed a horrible cough the last couple of those years. Doctor said I absolutely had to quit and even then it was hard, but one day I just said "that's it!!" I used an E cigerette to help get through the nicotine craving. My one year anniversary was this last May 28th and I'm still going strong. I still carry my E-cigerette as I have a lot of friends who smaoke and find that I can have a few puffs on it in social situations with no cravings for the "real thing". If you've tried everything else, perhaps this will help you. Good luck - it's very hard so don't beat yourself up if it takes several times to finally quit. The important thing is the end result!!

Millie Johnson
Jun 26, 2013

How did you quit ?

There are so many ways to quit smoking. What works for one person, may not work for another.
What did YOU do to quit ?

I used the patch and my doctor also prescribed me some valium, for nerves. We had talked about Chantix, but the risks of heart attack/stroke really scared me. Back a few years ago, when my mother was fighting for her life from cancer, he had given me valiums to help with my nerves, so I asked for them. It made quitting so much easier for me. I didn't even have to finished the valium script !
Now, what's your story ? It may help others !

Tammy Brownlow
Jun 19, 2013

Newbie - Hello All

Thank you Millie for letting me know about this group. I'm happy y'all are here. I quit last Monday with my boyfriend. I was just at that point that I was tired of it. We quit cold turkey. I've tried to stop with patches and I couldn't handle the bad dreams. We are doing well - the cravings are less. They seem to come out of no where. But not wanting to smoke is outweighing the cravings so far.

stopped, and did not cheat!

As of 6/19/2013 I have not had 1 since September 19/2012. (I'm SO happy)
Keep it up everyone, it's hard ,but it can happen :D

Bonnie Beck
Apr 25, 2013

Let's pick a date to try and quit.

We can support each! Look for helpful hints...and kind of give each other the elbow. :)