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I'm not much of a "Baker" - it requires following a recipe precisely or risking DISASTER! I like to take an IDEA using what's in the fridge & cupboards (5 ingredients is a nice odd number) and start cooking!

The only downside: Make a REALLY GREAT MEAL (like the Chicken, Vegetable, Potato Soup I made last week), having everyone LOVE IT and ask for the recipe. And be like, well...I started with this, this & this. Then I threw in this, seasoned it...added a dash of this and a can of that ~ Voila` ~! Yeah, no.

I figure this way, it can be kept for posterity AND making again AND sharing AND if there's something that "amount matters" it can be noted, starred and all that good stuff!

Know this, if there's no measurements, there's none needed and/or it's "to taste" - If it's vital to the deliciousness of the recipe, it will NOT be left out.

Try one, you'll get the hang of it.

Recipes are GUIDES! Unless it's baked goods, those are BLUE PRINTS!

Straws Kitchen
Dec 2, 2012

I like the sound of this group

I am one who has a hard time writing my recipes out to post because I do not usually measure and of my ingredients...I do a palm here, a pinch there and a dash of this or that.
Now I can follow a recipe someone else has posted just fine (at times).....but I do change it up and eye ball most of it anyway. Leave this out or add something else.
I have a lot of allergies so some ingredients other can eat just fine I cannot touch.
I am also a diabetic so I do substitute most sugar for either organic Agave nectar, Stevia, Truvia and sometimes Splenda (usually brown sugar splenda)...for the most part I do try to stay away from chemically treated sugar substitutes.
I found this group thru Bonnie Beck, thank you BonnieB.


Jan 26, 2012

chicken wings

Ok, How do you fix chicken wings; just looking for new and exciting ways for an all time favorite.