Malvern, Arkansas Brick Capitol of the World!

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I just recently found and am so delighted, what a gem! Since I live in a tiny little Arkansas town, finding local friends on the internet is unusual- When I did a quick search to see if any others from Malvern were on here, imagine my surprise to find almost 5 pages of local Malvern, Arkansas friends! Let us join together here, share recipes, and stories and maybe we can get neighborly even on the world wide web :)

While searching for the perfect image to represent Malvern, Arkansas- I was searching images and I thought of the Historic Ritz Theater, wished I had taken a photo of the old building they tore down a few years ago, you remember the one with the CocaCola sign painted on the side, where Mels Diner once stood, and before that many others I'm sure. I am a transplant to Malvern, moved here for the first time in 1999. For me the most iconic picture I can think of is the image as you first come into town of "Petty's Tires and Knives" back before they built that monstrosity of a Wal-Mart Super Center and the new Shopping Plaza growing up all around it. That was my very first impression of Malvern.
My family used to joke about it, "Tires & Knives...Prom Dresses & Movie Rentals... Hammers & Eggs..." To me that's Malvern!

victoria sims
Aug 16, 2012


shared on fb. hope will get more members...

Victoria Meyers
Apr 20, 2012

Been busy this spring...

Hi all! I have been super busy this spring so far, I hope I can keep in touch better! I just noticed we have 7 members now so I guess we're growing :) - Welcome y'all!

Victoria Meyers
Jan 24, 2012

Welcome to Malvern!

I just want to send a shout-out to our membership, we have five members right now, please spread the word about and especially this little group of Malvernites coming together as food lovers and neighbors :) Who doesn't love food??

Victoria Meyers
Jan 7, 2012

Please Post your favorite recipes!

I have been posting recipes like crazy, and then I noticed that all 12 recipes are mine. I'd love to see some local favorites posted here!

Victoria Meyers
Dec 31, 2011

Hammers and Eggs...

Funny thing is you can buy both hammers and farm fresh eggs at the Malvern Hardware Store. :0)

Its not really the same now but when I first moved here in 1999, their was a store that offered movie rentals and prom dresses, and a tanning booth too...

Victoria Meyers
Dec 28, 2011

Happy to be here :)

I am very happy to have found this site! I have been using for my recipes but this site looks "homier" and more fun! I am going to move all my recipes here! I wonder if folks would be interested in a GFCF bakeing project? I am organizing DogWish4Bear! - A Benefit Concert to help my on Sidney "Bear" to get an Autism Service Dog. It's a huge event, I have signed on 7 musical acts to perform. It will be here in our hometown, Malvern, Arkansas on Saturday February the 4th, 2012 at the Malvern Elementary School from 3pm- 9pm. I am feeling stressed about the food portion of the event. As part of the "awareness" portion of the event I want to feature GFCF food, (that is the diet we use for my family) and I just wondered if folks would be willing to make a batch of something and send or mail it like a "care package" to be used at the event? I believe that a good estimate is 300-350 attendees. What a great way to be able to get involved if your unable or in an event that's too far to be able to be there personally!
If you do live locally, I want to let you know that Advance tickets are on sale now for $15 each or 4 for $50 - Memory books and T-Shirts are available for advanced order and the price $34.95 includes one ticket to the event. You can get more information at or
Victoria Meyers

Victoria Meyers
Dec 28, 2011

Welcome Friends & Neighbors!

I always do a little search when I find a really cool social networking website that I like, to see if their are others like me to connect with. Since I live in this tiny town of Malvern, Arkansas. I usually almost never see fellow folks from Malvern online. Imagine my surprise when I did a little search and discovered almost 5 pages of folks with Malvern, Arkansas as their hometown! Well with numbers like that I just had to make a group for us. I am a transplant by the way, no family ties here but the ones I'm making now- I hope you won't hold that against me :)
So Nice to Meet Y'all!