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Looking for like minded people who want to share recipes for high quality food, that just happens to be GFCF!

Victoria Meyers
Jan 1, 2012

A Note about Gluten and Casein Free Ingredients:

A Note about Gluten and Casein Free Ingredients: Since my family began this diet, we have discovered that you always have to read the labels on the foods you buy. This week when shopping I may buy something that is clearly gfcf and next week when I look for the same item I will notice they have changed the ingredient list adding dry milk, or maltodextrin, or some other questionable ingredient. I find that it's best to stick to unprocessed foods whenever possible- make it from scratch. My son is on the autism spectrum, its not the end of the world if he gets a little gluten or casein, while it may ruin his day, it isn't life threatening. I always watch him for symptoms and note the offending food. Please keep this in mind while selecting your ingredients for my GFCF recipes. Happy Careful Shopping! :)

Victoria Meyers
Dec 26, 2011

Happy to be here :)

I am very happy to have found this site! I have been using allrecipes.com for my recipes but this site looks "homier" and more fun! I am going to move all my recipes here! I wonder if folks would be interested in a GFCF bakeing project? I am organizing DogWish4Bear! - A Benefit Concert to help my on Sidney "Bear" to get an Autism Service Dog. It's a huge event, I have signed on 7 musical acts to perform. It will be here in my hometown, Malvern, Arkansas on Saturday February the 4th, 2012 at the Malvern Elementary School from 3pm- 9pm. I am feeling stressed about the food portion of the event. I live in a very tiny town, and most are unaware of Gluten and Casein Free Eating. As part of the "awareness" portion of the event I want to feature GFCF food, (that is the diet we use for my family) and I just wondered if folks would be willing to make a batch of something and mail it like a "care package" to be used at the event? I believe that a good estimate is 300-350 attendees. What a great way to be able to get involved in an event that's too far to be able to be there personally!
If you do live locally, I want to let you know that Advance tickets are on sale now for $15 each or 4 for $50 - Memory books and T-Shirts are available for advanced order and the price $34.95 includes one ticket to the event. You can get more information at facebook.com/DogWish4Bear or BearShirt.blogspot.com
Victoria Meyers