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Sassy Daniel
Jul 23, 2013

Our District Convention!

Hello Sisters, Sorry I have not been on here much. Have been sick with my leukemia and my husband is now back in a wheel chair again so life can be hectic for me at times. I went to our D.C. which was held in Mobile Al. at the University of Al.. I haven't been able to go to a D.C since 2007 and that was down south in Orlando. We have friends there who we stayed with. We didn't think we were going this year, but the doctor gave me the okay at the last minute , then no motel rooms could be found for those dates July 12-14. And we had no money. Jehovah came to our aid. One of our sisters died 2 weeks before the D.C and she had booked a room as they always do with another sister, When Edna passed on this left all the expenses on Inez and in comes sister Flowers who goes in and rooms with Inez to help with the cost of the motel room , so Sister Flowers had motel reservations and she gave us her reservations and my mother=n-law who is a witness sent us the money so we could attend. I am so glad we went. I was scared to death and every day I cried before I went through the door and the people around me pray for me and with me to get me through the door, I have a Enochlophobia the fear of big crowds. Now I finally got use to a 1000 people at our specially assemblies. I still have problems but I still can go to them a little better then I ever could the D.C. I don't thing I have ever been so moved and cry so much the first 2 days. I was warned to take plenty of tissue with me, I did and used them all. Unfortunately we only got to see the morning part of the 3rd day. Just before the break while they were singing the song I was going back to my seats from the rest room and a man not to much taller then me and I am 5'1 but he was wider then he was tall broad sided me on my left side. He knocked the wind out of me and he turned and grabbed me and some one from behind help catch me. He kept asking sister, sister are you alright, sister sister I'm so sorry. He wouldn't let go of me. It scared him so bad. He looked like he was going to break out in tears. I kept telling him I was okay and I accepted his apology and finally I had to say in a stern voice please let me go back to my husband. I was hurting so bad after he had done that we went a head and left and headed home. I didn't bruise at all when he did it which is strange because I can just bump up against something and bruise because of my leukemia . When we got home for some reason I dint get undressed and unpacked , put stuff away and washed the dirty clothes up. My hubby told me not to wash any clothes but I knew if I didn't do them right then the way I was feeling I probably wouldn't be moving so much the next day. When I got undress I could not believe what I saw. I was bruise really bad from the top of my shoulder all the way down to almost my hand and had a goose egg size knot on my shoulder and on the side of my elbow. The next day I went and showed our book study leader then went and saw the main elder who said I should have reported to first aide. But I have a very very bad back as is and if anything came of him hitting me I wanted to be around my doctor who takes care of my back from my other injuries and not some one who doesn't know anything about me. But even though I got hurt I would like to attend another DC. That is if I can get through the front door, LOL My hubby tells everyone who sees my bruised arm that I got sacked by a quarterback at the University of Al.

Sassy Daniel
Feb 7, 2013

Hello to my sisters,

Just found this site with Jehovahs guidance, thank you Jehovah for all that you have given to me. I am from the Bay congregation in Southport Fl. right out side Panama City Fl. Yes we have Panama City Beach which is one of the hottest spot for the spring breakers and tourist and noted for having the whitest sand of all the beaches. Thats on the other side of the bridge which we call no mans land. Hope to share recipes with you. Have a nice day.....

Lynda Hayes
Jun 18, 2012

Hello My Sisters!

I found this by accident flipping through all the "groups". So happy to see some sisters in the JAP club.
I am from Florida and happy to meet you all!


Lynda Hayes

Linda A....
Mar 1, 2012

Special month for us Witnesses,huh??!!

Came home from our meeting tonight all fired up over this month's special ministry activities that are going to be going on!!Hubby and I got started today,the first day of March,and we are so excited!(Our congregation is abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm)!!ALWAYS a good time to RENEW our zeal and committment to our Great God,Jehovah, as well as,his son,Jesus Christ!
Hope YOU gals are taking advantage of the many more that will be out , to work with and support,even if you can't join the ranks of Auxilliaries this month!!Anything that you DO will be appreciated by Jehovah,we know!!!Much success to you!!!

Brenda Simmons
Feb 5, 2012

are you really witnesses

Hello, My name is Brenda Simmons and i to is a witness and one thing as a witness we do so well is use our mouth, we eat good and witness good.
love, brenda

shervanique thomas
Feb 5, 2012

hello friends!

Just stumbled on this group today before going out in service. Nice to see you all on her. I know there will be good recipes on her cause Jehovahs people love to cook and we do it well. Just ask our circuit overseers. Agape!

Victoria Meyers
Dec 26, 2011

Hello Fellow JWs! :)

I am very happy to find a group for Witnesses here! I am in Malvern, Arkansas (we only have one Cong. very small town) and I was using but this site looks so much homier, maybe I will switch! Nice to meet y'all!