Food Idiosyncasies and Weird Foods we Love

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We are all from different places and eat different things,let's have fun naming what may be strange to some,normal to others and weird foods we may love,tell us a story if you like.

Feb 25, 2012


Welcome everybody to the group,I'm enjoying reading the comments,keep them coming!
Kelcie and Bob told us about some interesting sandwiches,what "different sandwich do you make? I never tried it but my family says my Grandfather used to make onion sandwiches,just bread,mayo and thinly sliced onions.

Kelcie Merritt
Feb 24, 2012


I hope it is alright that I start a topic.
I have a sandwich I love, but have never met anyone else who would even try it so wanted to post it here and listen to all the comments. LOL
I take two slices of plain white bread - of course this was all we had in the house when I grew up Lightly toast them. Sprean one lightly with peanut butter and the other with mayo. Now put a thick slice of old fashion beefsteak tomato in the middle - now I am hungry.

Heidi Hoerman
Feb 24, 2012

Sock-sock-shoe-shoe or sock-shoe-sock-shoe and lobster

I remember sitting around a big table with friends up in Massachusetts, each of us with a lobster and very specific ideas of the "right way" to eat it: tail first or claws first. Meanwhile, at the head of the table, our hostess was dismembering her lobster and not eating any of it. She was jamming all the meat into her melted butter and waited to eat it until she had completed the job.

By the way, I am sock-sock-shoe-shoe and hubby is sock-shoe-sock-shoe. And you?

Feb 23, 2012

Weird Eating Habits

When my oldest nephew was little,he would eat his meal,one dish at a time. If he had beef,potatoes and beans on his plate,he would eat all of the beef before he touched the potatoes or beans .He grew out of it,now I notice his 4 year old son does it. I don't understand it!

Feb 22, 2012


Do you put salt on your grapefruit? I love it!

Feb 22, 2012


I'll start with a conversation I was having in another group. My parents and I were all born and raised in Pasadena,CA. My Mother and I love sugar on breakfast grits and rice. My Father and Husband think that's crazy?
Do you put sugar on grits? Do you eat white rice for breakfast,if so do you put sugar on it? I was surprised to know alot of people don't eat white rice for breakfast,at least in my circle of friends.