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Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on in and make yourself at home. Say hello and let fellow members know what you've got cookin'.

Clark Matthews
14 Hours Ago

Great stuff here!

Just pausing here to thank the Just a Pinch collectivity for recipes everyone appreciates.

Clark in Hoboken

Bonnie Brown
15 Hours Ago

Hi everyone

I just love this site

Jean Fisher
Thursday at 5:13 PM


Welcome to JAP. I know you are going to Love coming here and getting to browse around and find all kinds of Great Recipes. We have many Great Groups here. The members are among the Best! I have a Grandparents Group and I welcome you to join. Feel free to come check it out.

Greg Grimshaw
Thursday at 1:51 PM

Gratings from Ontario

Hi everyone

I’ve been trolling this site for a while now. Thought maybe it’s time I joined.
Thanx everyone

Amy Herald
Thursday at 10:34 AM

Step Right Up!

Hello Newbies! I just wanted to take a moment to invite you to the two scariest groups on Just a Pinch!!!

Haunters and Halloween Enthusiasts. justapinch.com/...loween-enthusiasts This is the group for those who get excited about the season of the witch all year round! A place to share all your favorite creepy things, (tv, movies, music, events, attractions, experiences, etc.) Full of fun DIY projects, decorating ideas, Halloween themed food, beverages, projects, cafts, scary movie/TV show reviews. All things spooky, creepy, scary... all things Halloween!!!

Paranormal Activities.
justapinch.com/...mal-activities?p=1 This is a group where we discuss any and all paranormal/metaphysical experiences, everything from ghostly phenomena to cryptozoology and psychic abilities!

These are definitely niche groups, but If that's something you're into, feel free to check us out, and if we're not your cup of tea, feel free to keep scrolling on by! Either way, welcome to Just a Pinch, and have a beautiful day!

Virgie Vines
Wednesday at 12:49 PM

Virgie vines

Just wanted to know a very recipe

sallye bates
Tuesday at 4:15 PM

Welcome One and All


To all you new Jap members , welcome to Just A Pinch (JAP), where you will find thousands and thousands of top notch recipes, ranging from the most simple for the beginner cook to the supreme for those who dare to live (and cook) dangerously. You will also find thousands and thousands of JAP members just waiting to greet you and become your friend.

For those of you returning after a hiatus, welcome back to JAP. We’re glad you rejoined us. You may find the new bells and whistles that have been added/changed in the last year or so a little overwhelming. If you need any help with them, just ask and someone will guide you through the maze.

The best way to meet our members is to join a group or groups. You can join as many as are of interest to you; they are all free. There is always someone available to answer any questions you may have, or comments you wish to make.

We would love to have you join us at Lively Discussions Spoken Here. Click on the link and look us over. I think you will like us.


Again, a big hearty Texas welcome to the best cooking site on the internet. May your days be filled with great food and companionship, and may you never lose your passion for cooking.

Sandy Griffith
Tuesday at 8:06 AM

Sassy is Back

Just opened JAP bank up today. Lot of changes. Been a long time. Just wanted to say hello. Give you an update too.

Some of you will remember me as leader of the group Sassy Daily Survey.

I went on disability in February 2012. I have Spinal Spodylosis.....limited mobility. I really miss working with my students. That was a sad time when I had to leave work. I was not turned down for disability or had to get a lawyer. Approved right away.

Went to live with my son in SC. Had a heart attack November 2012. Moved back to NC January 2013.

I have 3 grandchildren now. Lily is a 11, Gracyn is 6, and Garrison is 3 months old.

All in all I am doing good.

By the way I still do Sassy Share Time on FB every Saturday. Weekly winners get $1.00. Holiday question winner gets $2.00.

Not having it this month....fell December 18th & got hurt real bad. Doing better.....going to try to go back to church this Sunday.

Well that is my update & my hello for the 1st time in years.

By the way if you remember Wendy Schwab & Tina Stalford we have stayed friends outside of JAP. Very sweet girls & good friends.

Bob Wakeman uses to call me from time to time over the years. Can anyone tell me how he is doing. Hope all is okay.

Take care everyone. Have a good rest of the week.

Smiles, Sassy