October 23 national Canning Day Too

I've always been fascinated at the fact that people can keep up with the different food holidays. So today I decided to look them up what are the national food holidays. I was surprised to see that today October 23 is national Canning Day and national Boston Cream Pie Day. I'm starting to do a little food photography, And thought I'd leave you this little picture. It is also Boston Cream Pie Day, forgot to include it, "Thank You Rhonda" : ) for finding my lost brain cell. Lol, I really was going to say something about it too, : (
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Rhonda Bouchard - over a year ago
Today is National Boston Cream Pie day?

Try Yellow Cake mix cupcakes, and when they are still warm out of the oven, pipe in a mixture of 3 oz. Vanilla pudding dry mix and 8 oz. Cool Whip, then after cooled, pipe chocolate frosting over top. Awesome Boston Cream Cupcake!
Areatha Daniels - over a year ago
It is both, I thought I was mistaken ,but it both. I post the Boston Cream Pie on my blog this morning, but it seem no one knew about canning.