Becky Graves @BeckyG1 posted in CHATTERBOX
Aug 29, 2013

New Scam

Latest scam, BEWARE LADIES!
A new way to abduct a female -- very scary!
Sunday afternoon around 5 PM, I headed into the Target. It was still light outside and I parked fairly close to the entrance. As I got out of my car and began walking towards Target, an older lady shouted to me from the passenger seat of a car about 30 feet away from me.

"Ma'am you must help me, help me please, help me Ma'am!" I looked at her in the eyes and started to walk towards her when I remembered an email my Mom had sent me a week or two ago about rapists and abductions using elderly people to lure women in.

I paused, memorized the license plate and immediately headed into Target to get a manager to come help this lady, just in case something was up.

While the woman manager headed out there, I kept a close watch just because I was curious what was wrong with the lady and wanted to be sure nothing happened.

As the Target lady walked up towards the car and got very close to the old woman in order to help her, the back door of the car flies open and a large man with a stocking cap on, jumps out and sticks a gun to the lady's stomach as he shoves her into the back of the car.

I yelled out "call 911" several times and just as I was saying
that, a policeman who happened to be on the other side of the parking lot and who,luckily had seen the entire thing happen, raced over to the car.

He was able to stop the car and arrest the male as well as the old lady, who was involved in the scheme. By God's grace everyone was all right, including myself, although I think we were both shaken up.

Like many of you, I would not in a million years have left an elderly person who was yelling for help if it weren't for the e-mail I had read last week. So, I wanted to pass this along so you all can be aware and remember that you really can't trust anyone these days.

You just never know when something like this could happen. I would have never dreamed it to happen to me especially on a Sunday afternoon at a Target in a safe area!

It definitely was not a coincidence that my Mom sent that email just a few days before this all happened. Please, be careful and always be aware of your surroundings.

Just because you individually don't go over to help someone doesn't mean you have to leave them in trouble, but don't go ALONE, you really don't know what might be going on.
Please pass on to all ladies that you know....... thanks
This was checked with Snopes - this is true and they also use children to lure the victim!
Connie Ottman - Aug 30, 2013
E-Gads! How horrible. Thanks for the heads up!!
Maria * - Aug 30, 2013
OMG truly can't trust anybody these days. Using children too. Thanks Becky for informing us!
cindy christiansen - Aug 30, 2013
OMG how awful no one safe anymore!
Kimberly Richards - Aug 31, 2013
This is horrible, now old ladies are dangerous...what next! Just goes to show how desperate a lot of people are these days...sad.
Tina ***** - Aug 31, 2013
So scary. You just do not know what to do or who to trust. So glad you are ok. Also the Target employee. I wonder if the police had been watching the man and elderly woman? Just be careful out there. Glad you did not fall for it.