What to Make For Grieving Family (Summer Dish)?

My neighbors just lost a loved one and I'd like to take a food dish over but need ideas for this time of year. In the past I've taken lasagna, but with the warmer weather I'm looking for some ideas on large casserole type dishes or other suggestions?
Ka Garrett - Jul 14, 2013
I find during this time of year when it is hot Salads and cold cuts seem to fit. There is no cooking and the recipients can snack or just pick rather than have a sit down meal. Fruit and dip is also a great option
Laurie Roberts - Jul 14, 2013
Oh I like those ideas Ka. Thank you!
Miriam Bucholtz - Jul 14, 2013
Cold cuts with rolls or a loaf of bread.
Laurie Roberts - Jul 15, 2013
Thank you Miriam.
Sheila Kremer - Jul 15, 2013
Meat and cheese tray, veggie tray or fruit tray. One of the best packages I received when my husband passed away was from a co-worker who brought toilet paper, napkins, paper towel, paper plates, plastic silverware, mayo, mustard, ketchup, coffee -- everything that you don't want to run out of when you have a houseful of people. I have taken this many times since then to those who are grieving or have a serious illness in the family and have a houseful of people visiting--it is always appreciated.
sallye bates - Jul 15, 2013
What a lovely thoughtful thing for that person to do, Sheila.
Laurie Roberts - Jul 15, 2013
Sheila - thank you for that. What a great idea! I agree with Sallye, so thoughtful!
Tina Swain - Jul 22, 2013
I have taken a platter of cold chicken. I bake it with parmesan cheese and crumbs and take it over cold with a bag of dinner rolls, a jar of bread and butter pickles and a pan of brownies.
sallye bates - Jul 22, 2013
Sounds like a good thing to do. EVerybody likes chicken. And brownies!
Penny Binker - Sep 12, 2013
Chicken bog is always welcomed here. Maybe not the answer but it does serve many. Can put it into a disposable aluminum container to tote. Any dish you take in a toss it out container is always appreciated. Ice always not enough. Sweet tea or unsweet tea. Sandwiches like chicken salad or pimento cut in smaller pieces. A dessert esp a cake that needs no refrigeration.