restauraunt questions

It has come to my attention as I was nibbling on my rib basket at applebees that the center was stone just out of refrigerator cold..the manager brought me new ones..yes they were hot..microwave hot..they took it off my bill but it has led me to question something.. is all the food coming from factories and shipped to them precooked? I emailed them and actually had a team leader call seems they no longer steam the ribs as they used comes precooked with out sauce..they are supposed to heat them on the grill and then add hot barbecue over them..I am thinking my cook was taking some short I look into this further..olive lobster..tgi Fridays they all due to portion control..very little is fresh look for that little hometown café and stick with I can nuke food at home lol
Millie Johnson - Jun 1, 2013
Sad but true ! :(
Donna Roth - Jun 1, 2013
somebody needs to sick Gordon Ramsey on them
Lynn Socko - Jun 1, 2013
and I can tell you that Mexican food places, even the small burrito shops sell fresh cooked food. We have dozens of both here, and they even make their flour tortilla's fresh daily. Some of the smaller cafe/restaurants do serve processed frozen food. We have one diner that has been here for EVER and is very popular, but my son worked as a cooks helper years ago, and most everything is frozen. They did make burgers and steaks from fresh meat and made fresh rolls daily and some other things, but their chicken and pork chops and lots of other items were frozen. Surprises me that those restaurants you mentioned don't cook fresh! Aren't they pretty expensive? We rarely eat out, so guess it's a good thing.
Jane Whittaker - Jun 1, 2013
Nellie, you sure hit it on the head there.
If you know food like most of us expect the food to be at least as good as you can prepare at home. When I eat out I am picky..
It must embarress GW because if I get something that is substandard I will inform them that it is substandard too. i am one of those peeps that you don't want to ask them how you like it :)
Connie Ottman - Jun 1, 2013
Nellie and Jane...I'm with you.
Mary Villearreal - Jun 1, 2013
Taco Bells meat is precooked,it comes in big bags .
michelle 'FLAME' kelley - Jun 1, 2013
nellie: pls let me clear up some confusion if i may. I am a driver for the largest animal protein provider in the country the second in the world. we have been providing meat to most of our nations out sources since 1956 here in this country, (sara lee,hill shire,jones,golden state,and so many more. we have ship to markets like food lion,walmart,target grocery,publix,piggly wiggly and heb. )there are many more on this list it would take me all day to list. but i transgress. the meat we deliver from our processing plants goes to outsource companies like the few i mentioned above. they then cook the meat to their customers specs, pizza hut,papa johns, applebees,olive garden , frizollies,and most of the great steak houses. the only food that does not come pre cooked these days is the seafood that is made to order. red lobsters lobsters, shrimp and other sea food. anything that does not have a outer coating of breading. most of steaks and ribs are semi precooks and or seasoned at the out source companies. some will even pack the ribs in the rubs and sauces and a little seasoning is or sauce in then poured over at cook time. you're right about the nuking at the restaurants the reasoning is to cut down on portion control and cook time out to the customers. you know the customers don't like waiting for their food. this also allows them the ideal chance to create the same exact menu at each and every location. the other few things that are made fresh are the steaks. these may come frozen to the restaurants but they are seasoned and cook completely at the place you dine. so in future if you want a good Fresh meal and don't have to cook it yourself remember this simple rule. steaks, non-breaded seafood, hamburgers are the few raw frozen to cooked foods on any restaurant menu. items like mashed potatoes and veggies are frozen then steamed warmed. i hope i helped a little in your choosing what you would like to eat when dining out.
michelle 'FLAME' kelley - Jun 1, 2013
I would like to add, that when eating at places like Ihop and other breakfast places. waffles, and pancakes these days are coming to the these restaurants precooked. Dennys is a big one for these. the fresh places to eat breakfast believe it or not is the waffle house or huddle house. places where you can watch them cook your meal. you can always ask your waitress if there waffles and cakes are batter to table or frozen to table.
Jane Whittaker - Jun 1, 2013
Michelle, that is really interesting info.
Had never thought about most of what you all are talking about, you sure gave me something to think about!
Diane Hopson Smith - Jun 1, 2013
I'm with you Lynn, it surprises me too that some of these restuarants do not cook fresh.

As a rule we do not eat out but when I visit my daughter that seems to be the way of life; eating out. I think she needs to read this thread!
Ka Garrett - Jun 1, 2013
We have a mom and pop burger joint here that is very good. Their sign reads "If you want fast food you have come to the WRONG place" They cook each order as it comes in to perfection and yes you do have to wait but the wait is well worth it!
With more and more people wanting fast service the restuarants had to do something. They want the the people in and out with in an hour $$$$$$
Thanks to all for your info.
nellie rickey - Jun 1, 2013
thanks michelle that does help..already thinkingofthe cute little place that you can watch them cook your food and my friend has a big restauraunt and I know jay strives to cook scratch..his food is sooo good..but they struggle with qualified wait staff..butthe food is winning over lol and jane..I have always been one to pay for what I get..if.. it is expectations..if not..they better make it right..they do not have to take it off the bill even..I will just Never go back...if you want to spread death to a business here in Yuma..tell one person in a rv can do some real damage by word of mouth and in the end they either change their ways or go under..I will be paying more attention and asking more questions
nellie rickey - Jun 1, 2013
another one comes to mind is the texas can see your meat and the food is good
Thea Pappalardo - Jun 1, 2013
This is precisely why I seldom go to chain restaurants. One exception is Texas Roadhouse. And I know their steaks are not precooked in any way because you pick out the steak you want from the refrigerated case. That is true of many steakhouses, too. I'd rather pay a little more for my food and go to a restaurant that takes pride in it's product.
Lynn Socko - Jun 1, 2013
Great info and not surprised at all. Also, unless something has changed, KFC uses fresh chicken. I worked in all 4 that once was here in our town, we got our cases of chicken from a local provider. They would marinate the white chicken overnight. the gravy and potatoes came from packages, but the salads like coleslaw and potato salad, jello salad and baked beans were made from scratch, with the baked beans coming from a can of course, but sauce added and then baked. I have no idea how it's done now. And for years we even made our own wheat rolls from scratch, but that was an exception, not the rule. We have a large meat production plant here that ships out to many places, so it's very convienent for restaurants to get fresh beef, but I'm sure they don't all do that. And breakfast being prefab so to speak, that's just WRONG!!!