Whipped "Cream" Topping made with powdered coffee creamer

I seem to recall a recipe that used a powdered coffee creamer and either milk or water to whip into a cold whipped topping.

I recently stooped so low as to buy a boxed Key Lime Pie kit, and it contained a powdered mixture that I added water and milk to and whipped into a cool-whip type topping.

So I was wondering if anyone had ever tried this and had luck with it?
Connie Ottman - May 16, 2013
I haven't heard of this trick. Will have to give it a try:0
A R Caswell - May 16, 2013
Thanks for responding, Connie. :-) I wasn't sure if anyone would!

I will be telling my age, but here goes...

About a "hunnerd" years ago, ha ha, I recall reading on the side of a powdered Coffemate container, the recipe to turn the powder into a whipped topping.

That was about the time the boxed powdered product Dream Whip came out. I think Dream Whip is still available, but kind of hard to find, because when Cool Whip came out, it was more popular. (already prepared, could be frozen, no mixing bowl or beaters required, PLUS the containers became the new generic Tupperware!) :-)

I guess I should try to find the website for the company that manufactures Coffemate and look there.
Kathy Griffin - May 16, 2013
Rhonda, back about 10 years ago I bought some creamer and oh thwe back it had a recipe and you used the creamer and whipped it into a topping, add a little confectioner's sugar to it and milk, I don't remember how much, but I do remember it is good,, and also a lady that I know( she is in her late 80's) uses coffee creamer in her sweet potato pies and omg it is so good. So if you find the recipe please let me know
Mary R Morris - May 16, 2013
Yes you can still buy dream whip at least at this Wal-Mart,I remember my Granny using coffemate and whipping it just can't remember how.Lord that been 65 years ago..
Mary R Morris - May 16, 2013
She use to use powered milk and do something like that all so .
A R Caswell - May 17, 2013
Thanks Kathy and Mary!

I feel like we might be getting somewhere now, and that "it", the elusive recipe, might just not be a fig newton of my imagination after all!

BTW, Mary, I believe I have used one of your recipes before. I don't have a happy face button on my keyboard, so I will put this for you :-) .

God bless, and thanks, y'all!
Mary R Morris - May 18, 2013
I would have been back on sooner ,but my husband said we were going to take a "couple of hours to rearrange our computer area", that "couple of hours "turned in to a all day mess. I sure glad he know where all those wires go to.I have to believe I have that recipe around here somewhere..Thank you Kathy
Blondie Pussycat - May 22, 2013
Rhonda~did u look on the coffeemate website yet? It would be interesting to see what u come up with. =^..^=
Kathy Griffin - May 22, 2013
I looked on their site and couldn't find it
Kathy Griffin - May 22, 2013
Hey ladies,, I didn't find the recipe on coffeemate but after a little more googling I did find one, it said 2 parts non dairy creamer 1 part cold milk and sugar to taste. Ok well I tried that and it did not work,,,, so I tried 3 parts creamer 1 part milk, still wasn't getting whipped up right, (taste just a little different than heavy cream but still taste good,) so I added some cream of tartar and it finally thickened it is more sticky than light and fluffy so I guess we will have to play around with this and see what happens :)

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A R Caswell - May 23, 2013
Thanks y'all,

I haven't had the opportunity to check the Coffee Mate label to even see who makes it! Power has been out some with the storms, and the times when it wasn't, lightning was popping too bad to be on the 'puter.

Mary, I leave that computer cable mess to my husband, also. That way, if it doesn't work, I'm not to blame! Ha ha! Got that figured out!

Kathy, I tried whipping Coffee Mate with water, also. It never whipped, but did turn into a heavy artificial creamer, a thick liquid Coffee Mate, I guess. But I will try with the cream of tartar and sugar, varying the measurements.

Is the picture that you added one of the "whipped Coffee Mate"?
Kathy Griffin - May 23, 2013
Yes Rhonda it is and I used milk not water, I am going to try the liquid tomorrow will let you know
Tammy Cole - Jun 1, 2013
I have heard of this before also Rhonda...Just not sure the exact recipe on it..I know I use Powdered creamer and water combination in place of milk in some recipes if I run out of milK..Ive done it and it works well;)
Kathy Griffin - Jun 1, 2013
Well I forgot to post it the other day, I tried the liquid creamer, used 2 parts creamer 1 part milk, sugar to taste ( didn't need much) beat beat beat, added cream of tartar, it finally got frothy but didn't really get thick, so what am I doing wrong, I will get this ladies, lol it is driving me crazy. But it will be next week before I start back because we leave Sunday for the beach :)
john hendricks - Aug 18, 2013
hey, are you still looking to perfect that non-dairy whipped topping try this? first chill your bowl and mixer blades as this recipe is mix cold. take one cup of creamer any kind, one/quarter cup of cold water- with a few drops of vanilla,one tablespoon of lemon juice, and 3 tablespoons of powered sugar mix creamer lemon juice and water blend for two mins. add sugar a little at a time mix for about 3 mins. till soft peaks form chill for 20 mins. yeilds about 1 1/2 cups adjust your recipe for more cooled whip enjoy yours truly johnnypie